Friday, 22 June 2012

Corset Making Book - Lights camera action!

Is it really nearly a month since I last posted?  Yikes! the time goes too fast ..

Even though I submitted my completed text/pics for my forthcoming e-book back in November, there is still a lot of 'post production' to do and this has been keeping me busy amongst other things.  I'm going through the final proof now but a couple of weeks ago, we shot the videos!  They were shot in my studio with my 'old faithful' sewing machine, and I must say, I think they came out rather well.  We filmed the more 'difficult to explain' aspects of corsetry such as turn of cloth, eyelet setting and seam constructions.

I'm very pleased with the whole e-book over all, I do think it offers much more than any other corset making book on the market currently.  There are over 200 high resolution colour photos, easy to follow diagrams, 2 complete projects to work through, and all the videos.

The only bit of the book I really don't like is my video introduction.  It's horrid seeing yourself on film and worse hearing your own voice don't you think?  I don't know if I was having a bad day or something but I really didn't think I look like that!  hehe!  

This is my "Julia at work" shot for the book
Last but not least, here is the cover of the book.  I'm due to submit my final proof corrections (I don't think there are any) tomorrow, and then the e-book will be distributed from the end of the month!  


Billie Jane said...

I want it I want it I want it! So... I think you can safely say you have a first sale! lol. And you look lovely Julia so don't worry.

Claire Cooper said...

me too!

Katie said...

I want this so much! Congratulations and I can't wait to read it :)

Carol Moura said...

Oooh my god!!
I want this book so much!!
I always buy with you Julia, and love dealing with you! The products are awesome, and I am sure this book will be great too!
Is it gonna be selled in other countries?
I waaaant!!!

Gina said...

Congratulations! Love the cover.

Vivienne at Rainbow Disks said...

We think you look lovely too Julia! And we really don't think the intro video is that bad - you are just a little nervous at the start. You've done a great job and it's been a pleasure working with you on the ebook. We're very excited about it. Oh, and I can confirm that we can send to other countries too! Thanks for liking the cover Gina . . Vivienne of Rainbow Disks

Suzy G said...

Sorry for the late comment!! Congratulations and I can't wait to have this in my collection :)

Mina Holliday said...

Just found your blog - where can I purchase your ebook?! Looks amazing