Sunday, 24 May 2009

In the Summertime

What utterly gorgeous weather we've had this weekend!  Apparently the forecast is now rain until Thursday!  Boo hoo.  I've been at The Marmalade Patch catching up and catching sunburn.  Pop over there for look!


Indigo Blue said...

I love daisies. A friend of mine has said that she has some unwanted ox-eye daises that I can put in my garden as they are taking over hers. It is one of my faourite flowers. Rainning until Thursday, that's a bit pants. I wanted to blog some pictures of my garden seeing as it is in full bloom and looking half decent for a change. Boo hoo, I shall hope for a window of opportunity, did not do it today as I was too busy rock pooling at the beach with Sophie and hubby.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Hasn't the weather been superb! I feel like I've been on holiday as I've been relaxing in the garden...true contentment ;o)

Kitty said...

Yesterday was amazing wasn't it? Like midsummer - I loved every second of it. It's not too bad here today so hopefully is the same at your place too.


Alison Friday said...

I love your blog, great photos and the set up is really unique. Love the Basque work,your illustrations its just so funky feminine.;-)
I have had a blog for a while but only now do I dare to do something different,(my pc skills improved) Your is inspirational.