Sunday, 20 December 2009

Another Day in the Treasure Trove

I've done another shift at Antiques on High in Oxford. My shelf (above) was all but bare! Very exciting to think that people have been buying my handmade bits and bobs, and even more exciting that all the corset kits I had there, had gone! I came away with a fistfull of little brown envelopes full of cash!

The usual range of vintage loveliness was on sale, including these handbags from the 40's. I am particularly in love with the grey barrell shaped bag. The green raffia bag is detachable from it's frame - presumably in it's day, it came with several different shades of raffia bag, so that you could co-ordinate your outfit accordingly!

The poison bottles - of which there are many - caught my eye. So intriguing don't you think? Just like Alice in Wonderland ..
These earrings from the 30's and 40's are to die for! Particularly the sparkly dangly ones.

When I was a little girl, I read all of the Famous Five books, and the Mallory Towers books, and the Naughtiest Girl, Nancy Drew etc., Total escapism. I loved Enid Blyton.

I had my very own "Antiques Roadshow" moment when I showed this comb to one of the resident 'experts'. I bought it years and years ago - perhaps as many as 15 - for not very much money (because I didn't have any in those days!). I was told that because of the Art Nouveau metal work, it's worth quite a lot of money! Not enough to pay my mortgage though!
I never realised that accordions are so pretty. So many rhinestones! And I'm a sucker for those. Shame they're not small enough to wear!


ginny said...

well done julia, that's great!
i love the earrings!
warmest wishes
ginny x

Diane said...

I would love those Enid Blyton books. I too was a huge fan. What a great way to spend an hour or so. xx

Billie Jane said...

It's great that your corset kits are selling so well... I expect a lot of young ladies at next year's May Balls to be wearing them!!

The Coffee Lady said...

You mean you don't get your cash in vintage printed envelopes?

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Well done. I bet you feel like it was all worth while when they handed you that envelope...great feeling!

Happy Holidays!

Chrissie said...

Well done on the sales! As far as I was concerned as a young gel Enid Blyton was the best thing about learning to read!

jenny said...

I'm with Jenny, your sign is lovely! And your stall looked awesome. Glad you had such a great day - we did too!

dsi r4