Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Sooth Saying

Panic over, there's nothing wrong with my sewing machine ... she does not have to go to hospital HURRAH! I was just being a little over protective when there was too much fuzz in and around her from the frantic sewing i've been doing over the last few months - family Christmas presents were mostly velvet bags .. So now I can get on with my bulk order of tarot card pouches for an event due to take place in March. Eeek. Better get some cutting out done.

I used to use tarot cards alot in my life ... mostly at troubled times when clarity evaded me, or when i needed to say "eenie meenie miney mo" .. Sometimes I would look at friends' cards but not often. I don't see the cards as a method for fortune telling, or divination, but more as a spiritual guide - i mean that without any sense of religious connotation. Like, an old and wise friend who knows me well and who's not afraid to tell you a few home truths! I haven't used them in an age, but I think I will again. The best resource I have found is this book by Rachel Pollack who is generally regarded as one of the foremost experts on Tarot at the moment. The book is full of wisdom even if you don't read Tarot, but i wont say any more than that, because this is one of those things which is an individual journey for everyone.

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