Monday, 5 May 2008

Birthday Girl

It was my neice's birthday yesterday. I got the dress made in time ... As she opened the hot pink wrapping, I held my breath. She is only six, and may have preferred something much more exciting than boring old clothes, but, upon sight of the dress, she could be heard to mutter under her breath, "that's nice" .. PHEW!! And it fits too! I even made her a card to match.

I have to say that the person wrote the pattern probably a) did not look at the design pictured on the front of the pattern, b) has never made a dress before and b) has never used a sewing machine! I had to unpick it half way through, and sew it together an entirely different, and much easier way - only one of several simpler ways I could think of!


Mrs. Parks said...

"Sew" cute, and I love the card!

Lesley said...

What a lucky girl!! The dress is beautiful and I love the matching card :)


tillyboo said...

How spooky, I've just posted a question on the UK Craft forum for a dress pattern recommendation for my 4yo daughter.

I've never made any clothes before but fancy having a go at some simple summery dresses and smock type tops.

Any tips ?
Your dress is fab and so is the card too.

Tracy said...

Sweet, sweet dress...Any chance this in grown-up-girl sizes? ;o) Happy Day!