Monday, 30 June 2008


There is nothing to say about this picture, but to pass on this recipe for the most stupendous strawberry jam ever known to mankind (in my opinion):

675g Strawberries
500-600g granulated sugar (to taste)
2 tbs lemon juice
1 tsp balsamic vinegar

3-4 medium sized jars
2 saucers

First and most importantly, the strawberries must be DRY DRY DRY - soggy strawberries will affect the quality of your jam. Boiling will get rid of any nasties, but if you must wash them first, then ensure that you dry them properly before you start.

Second and nearly as important, the fruit must be fresh fresh fresh, and erring on the side of under-ripe not over-ripe. Over-ripe fruit may taste sweeter, but it's not as good for jam-making because pectin levels are higher in less ripe fruit, and we need pectin for a good set.

Start the night before you intend to make the jam, by preparing the strawberries: hull them all and cut if they are large, leave some (small ones) whole. This is up to you. I did a mixture, leaving the smaller fruit whole and cutting larger fruit into halves or quarters.

Put the strawberries in your jam pan, toss them in the balsamic vinegar, add all of the sugar - no need to stir, cover, and leave overnight. The purpose of this is to a) toughen up the strawberries so they retain their shape better and b) dissolve the sugar before you boil it which will improve the quality of your jam.

The next day, the sugar in your pot will have mostly melted aided by the juice of the strawberries. Put your saucers in the freezer ready for testing later, and heat the jam gently until it reaches boiling point. Stir often. Boil vigorously, still stirring frequently, for 5-8 minutes. Start testing for a set at about 6 mins.

To test for a set, remove the jam from heat and put a teaspoon of it onto your "frozen" saucer. When the jam has cooled, push it with your finger. If there is a wrinkle effect, the jam is ready. If not, keep boiling and testing each couple of minutes until a set is reached.

When you have wrinkles, let the jam cool a little, remove any scum, and decant into your sterilized jars.

Then eat and take yourself to heaven...


Kitty said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm x

Lesley said...

Oooh I've got to try your recipe. Moogsdad is ploughing through the four jars I made recently and I need to make more!!

Gina said...

Yummy! Just add scones and cream.... mmmm!

Dragonfly said...

Another good reminder to visit a PYO farm, thank you!

jennyflower said...

That looks good enough to eat! How about wodging some between two lovely victoria sponges, dredging it in icing sugar and taking it to the post office in a big box with my name on?

dottycookie said...

Blimey, that does sound good. Myn one and only strwaberry jam attempt yielded many jars of very delicious suace, but definitely not jam ...