Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Breif Interlude

Hello everyone! I'm back from Italy and my goodness, quite bowled over by the number of lovely comments wishing me happy hols that I received on my return! I just wanted to say thank you for all of those messages, and report that I had a lovely time thank you - not quite as brown as I'd like, but at least that means less wrinkles. I was lucky enough while I was out, to be awarded a Brilliant Weblog Award by Anne at Fabric and Bags. Thank you Anne! Have you read Anne's blog? She hasn't been posting much of late because she's been busy preparing for a large trade fair in Yorkshire. Anne told me her schedule and I was exhausted just reading it, but she has given me a lorra lorra inspiration and before the holiday I decided to go for it, sooooo ...

I've taken over a room in the house - put the dining room back where it was before the extension was built - and i'm going to sew sew sew. I've signed up for the "WeMake Oxford" craft fair in November, then there will be a few more things round Christmas time, and after that, i'm aiming for the Festivals of which there are many around here in Oxfordshire for a start.

There are so many inspirational blogs which I love to read and which really get my creative juices flowing. I was catching up with Marmadaisy's posts yesterday, and like her, after suffering "post career stress disorder" after too many bad jobs, decided that life's too short. It was during my 6 month break away from work that I discovered craft blogs, and have been amazed by the sharing, caring community that I have found. There were many blogs which got me started, Marmadaisy, Domesticali, U-Handbag, Today We Are, Flossie Teacakes, Kimono Reincarnate, Angry Chicken etc., (links to the right).

I've picked 5 blogs which I've discovered lately to pass the award on to though ofcourse everyone deserves the award!

Deborah at Comfort Joy Designs - a blog I have just discovered which is full of interesting things.

Anna at All Things Lovely - a blog which does what it says on the tin, full of all things lovely and most excitingly, Anna is chronicling her recent purchase and refurbishment of a cafe in the Cotswolds!

Michelle at Leni and Rose - for her Tuesday Tips which are most useful, and other crafty and daily musings.

Kath at JuicyFig - a new blog with lovely colourful pictures, which I enjoy reading, not least because Kath lives in the Ribble Valley, Lancs, where I used to live.

Jenny at JennyFlower - I love to read Jenny's blog, her cheery nature and lovely comments make me smile.


I have to go camping now! Back on Sunday and holiday pics to follow.


Miss T said...

MK - you're in fact as brown as teak! You wouldn't look out of place on the beach at St Tropez.

Primrose Corner said...

Congratulations on the award - what a fantastic home coming present.

Kathi D said...

Welcome home, Miss Tan and Rested!

dottycookie said...

Welcome back and congrats in the well deserved award! I shall be watching your craft fair experiences with interest ...

Garden Girl said...

HOOOORAYYY! You're back! Oh you're going again...come back soon!
Thankyou for my award, you have made me most smiley indeed on this friday morning! We are hopefully of camping as well this afternoon, but have lost the camera! Guess what I'm doing

Tracy said...

Great to see you back least until you go camping--LOL! ;o) Congrats on your awardy--you & your blog are brilliant! LOVE the new banner. Have fun...((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award! So kind of you!

I enjoy reading your blog. I’ve bookmarked you in my favorites. I am writing to invite you to join in the fun at the blog my sister-in-law and I keep…The Chocolistas.

We, The Chocolistas, are holding a Name That Chocolate Dessert Contest…August 4 - 16….with prizes! We’d love for you to participate.

Come and join the fun!

Fancy Elastic said...

Isn't summer just like that... Almost too much fun going on, exhausting stuff! Looking forward to seeing you pics.