Friday, 4 July 2008


While picking curly kale from the allotment the other day I was amazed by the vivid colours of these delicious plants - peeking in through the leaves, with the bright sunshine above, the play of light and shadow caused the stalks to look neon purple ... When I got them home, less neon on my kitchen worktop, I wondered if the person who designed the Wimbledon colour scheme was picking kale when that idea arrived, for the colours are almost identical ...

My latest creativity was completed last night, but here it is in mid flow. I am particularly pleased with the embossed leaf on the outside. Here's how:

taking pictures in the shop today, I was inspired by something i spied on the shelf ... i reckon it would be easy to devise and make. Moments of inspiration like this, when I see something, then try to remember every detail so that I can try to make it at a later date are quite common with me - and I expect most of you reading this. Some of them get through to my sewing machine some of them dont, so I took a picture of this one as a "definately must not forget", because my wrapping paper and all associated paraphernalia is dotted all around the house, making cupboards messy especially with the paper's habit of unravelling itself at the most innoportune times. How handy to have it all in one place and unable to cause a disturbance.

I am inspired every day by all sorts of things, but since I left full time work back in October, I have been amazed at the "otherworld" which has opened up to me quite unexpectedly. The craft blog scene where everyone I've virtually "met" and read about is inspired, inspiring, generous and incredibly nice. And my real world, where every day I am constantly amazed at how lucky I am to live and work in the midst of such creative, interesting, clever and generally lovely, people. This in itself is an inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. It is always easy to find inspiration when in the company of so many creative people. I love that about blogging too.