Monday, 14 July 2008

Pre-Holiday Overhaul

It smells a bit like the Lush Factory in the MarmaladeKiss household this evening - well at least how I IMAGINE it would smell, since i've never actually been there... i wonder if it really smells like the shops? I am always slightly suspicious that they have some sort of Potted Lush Scent which they blow through a specially designed "smell blower" (like an air conditioner) into the shop and the street outside.

The reason for all this smelliness, is that I have been in the midst of a clear out, starting in the bathroom and possessed by one of those ruthless moods which arrives upon a certain build-up of clutter that has been hanging around for too long. In and around the bathroom cupboard i found:

3 bags of sea salt
2 lumps of cocoa butter
Countless bottles of essential oils
A few tablespoons of red clay
3 half used bottles of almond oil
Several empty "mixing bottles" for essential oils

Remember my post about Salt Scrubs? What better time to salt scrub myself, pre-tan? I did so this morning, but unfortunately forgot to pound the salt to a fine powder and therefore ended up looking as if i'd had a fight with next door's cats. Doh!

So this evening, I made a fresh batch. This salt is very coarse:

I whizzed it in the food processor until it looked like sand (as opposed to uncut diamonds):

Then I grated the coco butter ..

and added it to the salt - looks good enough to eat .. so fluffy. Soft hands by this time too!

Added the red clay:

And some essential oils of lavender and peppermint ...

Hmmm .... Not sure about the colour ...

Next, 3 half bottles of Almond oil and lots of nearly empty essential oils. I made some scented bath oils in larger bottles:

1: patchouli, sandlewood, ylang ylang

2: lavender, juniper, geranium

3: patchouli (i have lots!), sandlewood, pine, lemongrass, lavendin - this last in an attempt to copy "Karma" perfume by lush which is my all time favourite scent.

This is my recycling pile:

And this is some of what's left in the cupboard!

Then it was time to tidy up the shelves and windowsill after looking at some ridiculously inspiring housey blogs which I found over at All Things Lovely.

I'm still not sure about those colours though ...


AnnieB said...

wow - that sounds great - want to come around and sort out my bathroom cabinets???

dottycookie said...

Oddly enough I sorted out my bathroom cupboard today too, but my recycling pile wasn't nearly as exciting as yours - not sure what I can make from a load of old emery boards and some out of date blackcurrant rehydration salts?

Dragonfly said...

Fortunately I don't have a bathroom cupboard - I don't think I could bear one more cupboard full of 'stuff'!
Having said that, I wish I could lay my hands on all those ingredients and come up with a jar of loveliness!

Garden girl said...

Oh my, how clever are you???!!! I can almost smell it from here, how fabulous. You will smell lovely! (not that you don't already, I'm know what I mean!!!) I have so much crap on my bathroom shelf, you would have a field day. Let me know when you're free....and thankyou for the mention!!xxx

Kitty said...

Oh my - that all looks and sounds wonderful. Did it feel fabulous on your skin?

I love those ruthless chucking-out moods!


Anonymous said...

Having just returned from holiday - I can reccomend Lush's SPF 14 face cream - its great! Although its almost too good - no burn but looking quite like david dickenson at the moment!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Elmpixie said...

wow... i've found and loved your stuff on etsy before, and now i'm just beginning a crafty/life blog and i find you here! i can't wait to try your lovliness.