Sunday, 31 August 2008

This is ... My Favourite Craft Supplier

It's a shop called Masons in Abingdon which is near where I live. I only recently discovered that they have a website, and I see that it is just as crowded as their shop! Actually, there are 3 shops. One which sells any kind and colour of yarn you can think of, and upholstery fabrics, one which sells craft items including bead crafts and paper crafts, and the main one which sells dress and quilt fabric with haberdashery.

The fabric shop is so jam packed with the most rolls of fabric you're ever likely to see packed into a limited space that it is a job to move in there and consequently it's always crowded!! I'm sure there must be some fire regulation being broken, but nobody cares because it's such an alladin's cave of wonderous things. They don't sell things like jelly rolls or charm packs, or even any of the decent Moda fabric, but that's because they concentrate mainly on dressmaking fabrics and accessories. I quite regularly get lost in there for hours on end and never ever escape empty handed. One of my favourite things to buy there, is ribbons. They have a tall stack of baskets full of ribbon bunches at 20p each. Each bunch is probably a good 4 or 5 meters long and there are lots of different types and colours.

With thanks to Three Buttons as usual, and to Handmaiden for this week's theme.


Kathi D said...

The website is wonderful! I'm sure the cost of shipping over here would be way too much. But it's fun window shopping.

Helen said...

Great website - thanks for the link!
You're lucky to have shops like that nearby!