Friday, 5 September 2008

Like Cheese and Marmite

There's something about the combination of leopardskin and and hot pink that makes me wonder if either one was made especially for the other. Perhaps not everyone's taste, but something that one either loves or hates? I love it! Though a bag is probably the extent of any attire I might be tempted into thanks to Bet Lynch. If I was younger, it would definitely be different.

This is based on the Market Bag from The Crafters Companion. Obviously Mrs "I know how to do this" after only a cursory glance at the instructions, got in the way somewhat and therefore it's a little different! The pink lining is from a sheet I found in a charity shop! The grosgrain ribbon is from one of those 20p bundles i was telling you about earlier this week. I have lots more leopard print fabric, and think I might continue with this theme for a while.


Lesley said...

I love your bag Julia. It should make even the dreariest shopping trip loads of fun!

We had a 'bad taste' party when I was at uni and there was me in black PVC trousers, leopard print top and pink leather jacket & heavily bejewelled. Your bag took me right back!!!

er...didn't mean to say your bag is bad taste tho''s actually very lovely...oh dear...digging myself a hole here!!


Gina said...

Love that combination Julia! What fun. Off to have a cheese and marmite sandwich now...

twiggypeasticks said...

I love leopardskin and hot pink combo, also love red and leopardskin. The bag is gorgeous. If you're Bet Lynch, can I be Elsie Tanner please? I have the bosom for it :) Although at the moment, I feel more like Ena Sharples.
Twiggy x

solsticedreamer said...

oh now what vintage character from corrie could i be?!!! hilda ogden :)