Thursday, 11 September 2008

Playing Tag Again

I got a message from Indigo Blue who said:

"Hi, I see that you have not got the award that I was given a few weeks ago. Please come and copy it to your blog. It is in the side bar, white lined background and black writing with a heart."

THANK YOU!! I feel very honoured that you have passed it on to me. Thank you. I Love Everybody's Blogs on my blogroll and more as yet undiscovered i'm sure ...

Did you know that IndigoBlue is having a giveaway? Go check it out! I have put my name down!

And I have been tagged too by Emma at JBJB with the quirky tag. I've been thinking i'm pretty unquirqy and quite normal ..

But here, dragged from the inner, most quirky recesses of my brain are 6 Marmalade quirkisms. I hope you still respect me in the morning:

1) My most longstanding favourite snack or breakfast, is cold toast with cold butter. The toast has to be soft and freshly cold not crispy cold or stale cold and the butter must be soft enough to spread but not quite room temperature .. so firm and buttery, not soft and greasy. This comes from growing up in hotels where the toast is always freshly cold and the butter not long from the fridge.

2) I can't bear instant "coffee" and only drink freshly ground (I keep the beans in the freezer). I prefer to drink it with instant dried milk powder or "coffee compliment" which is that uht cream type stuff that you get on hostess trays in hotels.

3) I can't drink beer, it makes me pee. And when I say pee, I mean, take up residence in the nearest loo for the rest of the duration. I only discovered this after at least 20 years, when I recently swapped to G&T which still makes me feel overly grown up. It's what my parents drank for goodness sake!

4) I am very particular about where I sit. In a restaurant or cafe (or other such place) I have to be facing the room or the door at least. And I can't be in a draught or near the door. And sometimes I have to be on a certain side too, it depends on the room. People know to let me have first choice on the seats. Otherwise, if it's not the right seat, I have to swap. I have been known to walk out of restaurants for lack of the right type of seat position.

5) There are certain types of music - rappy, techno type stuff - that make me inexplicably and irrationally angry and violent. I can't help it. It must be the pitch that sets of a brain reaction or something which makes me either have to get out or turn it off. Luckily Mr Marmalade knows which type of musics "set me off".

6) I can't bear artifical / synthetic smells or tastes. Yuk yuk. This rules out most cosmetic fragrances except Lush (of which Ginger and Karma are my faves). All other commercially produced deoderants, soaps, hairgels, perfumes, aftershaves, air freshners, soap powders, conditioners etc., are out. I can't stand the smell of somebody smothered in these things, it gives me asthma. I have been known to make Jimmy have a shower when he's been too enthusiastic with the Linx, any time of the day. I am allergic to soap - it makes me itch, but not shower gel and I wont use washing up liquid that smells of shampoo.

I hope nobody minds if I step out of this round of tag. I've been tagging quite a few lately .. But do feel free to express your quirkisms at will, they are always interesting to read.


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Lesley said...

Marvellous quirky quirks there!! I'm right there with you on no5 and 6. Moogsdad puts techno-crap (as I lovingly call it) on the car stereo (only when alone) and if I get after he's used th ecar I can feel my hackles rise!!!
As for the stinky thing....cannot stand the smell of over scented fabric conditionered clothes. If Minx is given clothes that smell of fabric conditioner I have to wash them straight away!!


Daisie said...

Mmmmmmmm, haven't had anything from LUSH in ages. Blue Skies is my fave!
Thanks for the supportive comment you left for me this week :-)

Kitty said...

How lovely of Indigo to pass on an award that matches the colours of your blog!

Love your quirks - I don't like sitting in a draught either. And as for strongly 'artificial' pongs ... poooooey! They give me a headache and make me feel sick.


Firefly Hill said...

I am with you on the smelly perfumes in products-yuck! I like your quirkisms...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment--twice!


Primrose Corner said...

I can really identify with the artificial smells. Too much deodorant/aftershave/perfume affect my asthma too. I've moved seating places and even left resturants, cafe's etc because people have over 'splashed'. I don't think ordinary folk realise what they do to us delicate 'allergic types'. I mean what's wrong with carbolic for heavens sake! (But then you don't like soap either!)

twiggypeasticks said...

Good quirks. I detest synthetic smells too, Yankee Candles give me a headache and yacky plug in air fresheners make me sneeze and wheeze - bleurgh!!!
Twiggy x

Garden Girl said...

Cold toast and cold butter. Yum. I used to work in a hotel and love it for the same reason!!x

Helen said...

I am with you all the way on 'freshly cold' toast - that is exactly my toast temperature of choice. Most people think I'm barmy! What I really can't bear is when the toast is hot and the butter melts!