Sunday, 7 September 2008

This is my absolute favourite band of all time

The Damned
formed over 30 years ago, one of the seminal British punk bands and still going strong today though with only 2 of the original band members, Captain Sensible (guitar) and Dave Vanian (vocals)

We have lots and lots of Damned records and cd's

We have seen them 14 times between us over the years

The first time Mr Marmalade saw them, he was 14 and obtained the signatures of the original line up on the back of his ticket!

The first time we saw The Damned together was when they supported The Ramones at Brixton Academy sometime in the early 90's

Last year, their support was a very entertaining burlesque act

We're going again soon! I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Ofcourse I have the T-shirt.
Actually I have several, so does Mr M and so does Jimmy. I won't bore you with the details

I have the keyring too

And the car tax disc holder

Jimmy has three set lists on his bedroom wall

Complete with Mr Vanian's footprints on them swoon swoon

And a sticker on his guitar - he has seen them three times with us

One day, when Mr M was inspecting a youth hostel he spied this tour poster and asked if he could have it ... for Jimmy ofcourse ..

It's a little known fact, that this rockabilly /retro band, Naz Nomad and the Nightmares, is infact The Damned in disguise.

But here's the best fact of all ...

The Damned recorded the first EVER british punk single, New Rose, on 17 September 1976.

Exactly 19 years to the day, before Jimmy was born complete with a little black mohican!

And just for you ... here's a Lovesong

This is also a voyage of self discovery! I didn't realise I was such a Damned Geek!

With thanks to the lovely CurlyPops for such a wonderful theme, and also to Three Buttons for being host.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

"Oooooh ooh ooh smash it up!
Smash it up!
Smash it up!"

Yay! You mentioned them in your comment the other day but I didn't realise quite how bad the obsession is :o)

My funny little Damned story... I've seen them once with my first serious boyfriend at Birmingham Odeon in about 1987. Said boyfriend was treating me like pooh but being just 16 or so I was scared to dump him. SO I left him a "Dear John" letter in his flat for when he'd dropped me off home after the gig!! Never saw or spoke to him again but at least I got to see The Damned. And he paid!! hahaha

dottycookie said...

Love the tax disc holder - you're a true fan ;-)

Do you remember them doing a song on The Young Ones? We videoed it and watched it so often the tape stretched!

Indigo Blue said...

Wow, what a collection between you. Who do you follow now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was fantastic! I love a true fan and you can classify yourself as one.

CurlyPops said...

OMG you have more memorabilia than me and I thought I was obsessed!
You are officially the biggest bloggy music fan...he, he, he!

Dragonfly said...

Brilliant post! Even though I'm not a fan, I'm so impressed with your devotion!

And it's great that you've passed it on to Jimmy...

Jenaveve said...

Haha! That's great. All that gear!! So lucky to be living in the birthplace of punk rock too - bands like these don't get down to Australia quite so much.

twiggypeasticks said...

You are a true fan, I always remember them playing Eloise on The Tube on a floating stage !! I do like Eloise and New Rose, good on you, I admire your geekdom, it's really dedication :)
Twiggy x

Lola said...

Great! I guess you can call me Damned stupid. I've never heard them before....really.
I wish I had a pink and blue fur suit though.