Saturday, 4 October 2008

This is... My Favourite Kitchen Tool

It's a Mandoline. An absolute must for anyone who likes to eat raw food because it slices things very very thinly. It also has attachments for making matchstick shapes and very very thin gratings. Here is a list food which with the help of a mandoline tastes better raw than cooked:

butternut squash
sweet potato
kohl rabi
mange touts
french beans

With thanks to Handmaiden for this weeks theme and Three Buttons for hosting.


Dragonfly said...

Oooh, that's one of my favourite kitchen tools too!

It does scare me though...

Adam said...

Mandolines are great but they are terrifying. The last time I used mine (to slice celeriac for a gratin) I took the end off my index finger. It went through so cleanly that the piece of flesh fell down among the celeriac slices (look away veggies). I was almost tempted to superglue it back on.....

lesley said...

Sounds a great piece of kit. I love raw veggies so will give one a try! Guess its a piece of equipment to handle with care, judging by the previous comments!! xx

handmaiden said...

It's on my list.......or at least my husband's....he wants it for wafer thin potatoes

Tiff said...

I love it too. Our favorite thing to do ia make sweet potato chips . YUMMY!

Tracy said...

Lovely...I don't have one...yet...but it's on the list! Your shop & eyelashes post was fun...Hope you had a grand time in London :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Beth J said...

How awesome are mandolins?!! Heheheh, I'm with you there!