Sunday, 19 October 2008

This is .. My Favourite Movie (of all time)

Hot Pattoottie Bless My Soul! I Really Love that Rock and Roll!

I doubt anybody who regularly reads this blog be the slightest bit surprised to find out what my favourite films of all time are!

The first is Grease. When I acquired the video at age 14, I would come home from school every day and watch it - 3 times in a row at least! I know every line, every song, every move... STILL..

For my 15th birthday I had a Grease style girly sleepover complete with blonde wig, illegal alcohol (in a jam jar; i've never been able to even sniff whiskey since that night) and boys with leather jackets climbing up the drainpipe outside. Oh yes .. There were lots of renditions of "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee".

Although I love every single scene in this film, if I had to pick a favourite it would be "Born to Hand Jive" at the school prom, I just love that song and that dancing! I still want a red dress with black spots. I still want to be a Pink Lady (when i'm not being a Pans Person!) - a proper one like Rizzo my favourite character of course!

Even today, after all the million squillion times I have watched this film, I could watch it 3 more times this afternoon without getting bored! Grease is my kind of Retro.

And now for something completely different...

This is the other film I could watch 3 times in a row every day and never get bored. It's a work of absolute genius by all concerned:

I've only ever seen the live show once, and that was on 26 October 1991 in Oxford.

How do I know the exact date? It's the night that Mr Marmalade and I got together!

With thanks to Hollie at Hokey for the stupendous theme, and ofcourse as ever to Angela of Three Buttons (click right).


Kitty said...

We are big Grease fans in the Wrinkle household. One of the smalls' favourites - so much so that once they acted it out for me (each playing numerous roles).

Happy 'getting-together-versary' for you and Mr MK for next weekend!


solsticedreamer said...

oh i love Grease so much! my dad took me to see it when it came out and my nan bought me the soundtrack for christmas...i still have it!
oh and Rocky Horror! i cant count the times i have seen that too! went to the midnight showing at the southampton odeon (remeber those?!) when i was 18 taking my little sister along!
what memories!

...i wanted to be a pink lady too ;)

dottycookie said...

Ah, who wouldn't want to be Rizzo?

It was out 21 year getting-together-versary this week (which is why we chose our wedding date - the closest Saturday). Must be something about Octobers in Oxford as that's where we met too! I was still living there when that production of Rocky Horror was on in 1991 ...

Indigo Blue said...

I meet my future husband at University and one of my memories is of him and his best mate knocking on my door in full Rocky Horror costume as they were on their way to the stage version in Southampton. Really you had to be there, I laughed for ages afterwards and no, it di dnot put me off seeing him. he hasn't dressed up like it again however!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about grease! I WISH I could dance like that! xx

peppermintpatcher said...

This list is my list too. Oh How I sing along loudly - oh how my family just smile and look away.

I have added Hairspray to this sacred list - the new version, not the old one. What are your thoughts on this?

PS don't dream it - be it...