Monday, 3 November 2008

15 Minutes of Fame (or more)..

I thought I had lots of "crafty" pictures on my camera ready to download, upload and display .. but when I plugged in my firewire, it seems that all I had was 11 pictures of ... bread. Which I have become obsessed with making by hand. If I had known how easy and satisfying it is to make bread by hand, I would never have bought a breadmaker. It was only cooking with Jimmy, wanting to teach him how to make the most basic of our staples from scratch and without a machine, in order to understand the process fully, that I myself learned how to do it properly! On previous attempts (before said machines were invented) my results have always been rather disappointing which lead me to give up. I'm not sure what has changed, but my second own loaf was twice as big as the first!

Perhaps, as my facebook friends will have noticed, I have been kneading with purpose. And talking of Facebook .. did you know you can make a Facebook page which everyone can see and become a fan of? It means that your work could be networked very widely which is good for anyone with their own online shop and it doesn't link to your own profile!

If you are on Facebook, and wish to make a page for your work, all you do is this. From your Facebook profile click the little link on the right which says "advertise".

This will take you to this screen.

Click on "create facebook page" and follow instructions. From there, you will be able to make a "profile" for your creativity. You can then invite all your friends to become a "fan". They become fans, it shows up on their feeds, and their friends - who may not be your friends - then can see your page (not your personal profile), and become fans and so on! You can add pictures, messages and your blog feed too by "importing a note". And you can see who's looking at you with the "page manager" which will show a link from your own profile.

You can have a look at my page here to see how it works. If you have a page, put the link in comments, and I will fan you!


Kitty said...

Woohoo ... I did it, I 'fanned' you :-D

I have to confess I've been on Facebook for a while, but I'm afraid I don't 'get it' *blush* I know there must be something to it, because lots of lovely, talented, intelligent people 'do' it. I think I might need a tutorial!

That bread looks fabulous - no wonder you keep making it!


driftwood said...

the bread looks fantastic, but facebook is beyond me!

CurlyPops said...

I'm very new to Facebook and I have no idea what I'm doing so thanks for the extra tips!
That bread looks scrumptious...I think I need to go and make some toast and vegemite.

Joleo said...

The bread looks deeelish.

How cool about Facebook - I've been wondering how on earth people make those fan pages and now I know.

momof2gr8kids said...

wow that is terrific. i have facebook too!!!! i gotta get you on mine..

edward and lilly said...

This is a great tip, thanks!

Anonymous said...

HMMM I have been sent fan requests from bloggers before and had no idea why I should be their fans. (I thought it was conceit, but don't tell). Now I see the prupose of it!

Primrose Corner said...

Oh! Where have you lead me now! I've almost got the Facebook thing together. I'll join you soon, just need to get some photo's on there. I enjoyed this post - thank you!

jennyflower said...

Thanks for the tip and for fanning me, I feel much coler now, just by associtation.

Limecat said...

Oooh! I never knew that. I shall investigate Facebook and if I can figure out what the heck is going on, I shall fan you.

The things you learn....!