Monday, 8 December 2008

The Sewing 60's

I love looking for vintage bargains on ebay, and whilst looking for some nice vintage jewelery to go with my retro style party dress, I came across these lovely patterns which I couldn't resist.

This is a 1940's slip petticoat, but I think it looks like a dress, and I have just the fabric for it.

Its a very simple bias cut pattern. So simple that the pattern pieces - there are two, one long and one longer (!) don't have any markings on them! The good thing about vintage patterns is that there is so much information on the instructions which are far more detailed and thorough than modern ones.

This pattern is from 1963 and is uncut and unused! How do I know?

It came with it's original envelope!

Co-incidentally, I was emailed a link today, to a local haberdashery and soft furnishing shop which was established in 1963, the same year that this pattern was published. They have gone 'cyber' with an online store and blog which already has lots of odd bits of very useful information and some very good links!


Gina said...

What fabulous patterns. You'll look amazing in that petticoat dress!

CurlyPops said...

Fabulous pattern. I opened up a vintage pattern yesterday that I'd bought at the oppy a few months ago, to find that it hadn;t been touched either.
It's so lovely to find something like that!

Anonymous said...

Cor thanks for the links. i love those patterns and am looking forward to seeing the bits and bobs at the haberdashers.

Heart in the country said...

The shift dress is so now....brilliant. I wonder what the sizes are like as shapes have changed so over the past 40 years?


Moogsmum said...

What beautiful patterns - the black and red one is going to look gorgeous. Thanks for the great links!