Monday, 22 December 2008

A Surprise and A Swap

I recieved two parcels the other day. The first to arrive confused me somewhat as I thought it might be one of my swaps but on opening the outer packaging, Things weren't quite as they seemed. It was a mystery! A card, an envelope and two packages. Naughtily, without looking at either card, I immediately opened the temptingly red package and the moment my eyes clapped sight on the contents, I knew exactly who it was from, which made it all the more exciting! Can you guess?

The contents of the beautiful red tin might help ..

Can you guess now? If I didn't know better, I would think these fluffy pink meringues were made by fairies, so light and meltingly delicious they are (well.. they WERE because I have eaten them all now). But I will settle with the idea that the person who made them, has magic whisks. Have you guessed yet?

It was Florence and ZebraGirl! Thankyou both of you! A wonderful and lovely surprise following an admiring comment on Florence's blog. Have you noticed that Ms Zebra is quite an artist!

And so continuing on the theme of artistic talent, the next parcel which arrived, WAS one of my swaps! It was from Anne. I had a secret hope of what she would make for me..

Because I've seen her delicious quilts on her blog, and you may have guessed that I have a penchant for Celtic design and mythology and the tattoos to prove it! I think Anne guessed because look!!!

A Celtic Wall Hanging, which i can't stop staring at in awe and wonder! Isn't it exquisite? This type of precision sewing is way beyond anything I am capable of! Amazing!

Now, though I have made my cakes to give away, it's back to the kitchen for me now to decorate them and to carry on with preparations. I have 12 to cater for on Boxing day!


mama said...

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Kitty said...

Oh wow - what lovely packages. The quilt is amazing, as, I'm sure were the meringues!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a wonderful surprise, the wall hanging is superb, Those meringues look very naughty and pink!

Wishing you and yours a Christmas full of fun, love and much good food and company.


Primrose Corner said...

They are lovely. That wall hanging is just beautiful. Anne is obviously very talented. That really is a piece of treasure. Have a lovely Christmas.

Miss T said...

All your swaps/prezzies look fantastic.

Thank you for the yummy mincepies...they didn't make it to Christmas! xxx