Monday, 26 January 2009

Playing with Paper (part II)

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. Though my reasons for writing it were to clarify my thoughts surrounding the 'problem', your lovely words have really cheered me up and it's been heartening to know that i'm not alone!!

So today I have been playing having a few Blue Peter moments with paper, glue and sticky back plastic.

A while before Christmas, my mother-in-law had a clearout - she lives in a converted chapel - and found a couple of very large Victorian bibles which had all but fallen apart. Not wishing to throw them away, she passed them on to me incase I could find a use for them. At first I wondered what on earth to do with them, and then in a moment of urgency one day, after making a batch of fresh mince pies, and requiring some nice wrapping for them, I came up with the Old Bags idea detailed in my last tutorial.

But as you can see, I have a lorrra lorra paper to get through! It's 'vintage', it's handmade, it's ready aged - so no need for wet teabags - and it's a nice size to use for crafting projects. The only trouble was, I wondered if it may be a little disrespectful of even blasphemous to use bible pages for wrapping! But then I resolved that better they be used for something pretty and useful, than put in the recycling bin destined for an unknown fate.

So with a little creative stitching, I've made more little gift bags, some envelopes, and with some iron on vinyl, a bus pass holder! My ideas are quite limitless - next i'm going to try making a bag with the paper and the vinyl which, if you coat both sides, makes a remarkably strong and durable material!

Now even with all those ideas, I'm not going to get through this lot in the next 100 years without some help! Anybody want some? I'll send the first 5 commenters a wadge of this paper to play with.


Gina said...

Ooooh! Yes please! I can't believe I got here in time!

Kitty said...

I can't think what I would use it for ... but I love your bags! If another 4 people know what they want it for, then send it on. If you don't have enough takers, I'll take some and keep it until I decide what to do with it. :-D x

PS So glad you're feeling better.

Jo Power said...

Wow that lot looks like it would last a life time but what bliss just to stroke it would be enough.
Glad you are feeling better about things. xx

madmummy said...

How fab, would absolutely LOVE some of that, your creations look great. I have been making Confirmation cards today and that would have been so appropriate..!!
xxx Steph (

twiggypeasticks said...

Oooo that is so lovely, I LOVE what you've done with the paper Julia. I can think of a few things I'd make with it. However, I don't want to be a greedy Twiggy as I was lucky enough to win your giveaway, so if you want to send me some fine, if not also fine. Could have a little gallery of everyones makes :)
Twiggy x

Daisie said...

It appears I am number six, nevermind!

Your last post was wonderful to read and it made me think, I have often had unsuitable gifts from people and it is their laziness that offends me. I would rather just have a hug than an unwanted gift too!


Lisa Pidgeon said...

Bah too late!

Veronica Darling... said...

I reckon it's great to use them, personally I will never read a bible, so if they're going to waste, use them for craft and gift bag!

I've tried a few projects sewing fabric onto card and it's always great! Now that I've got a better machine, I'm sure my needle won't break as much!

Moogsmum said...

Oh wow - they're lovely!!

Iron on vinyl? Why didn't I know such a thing existed? I'm sure I need some...not sure what for yet but I'm sure I'd think of something!


Primrose Corner said...

You're really brimming with ideas at the moment and I love this one. It's good to hear you being more your buoyant, happy self. I curious about how the vinyl, plus paper will look as a bag... something to think about.

jennyflower said...

I wish my feed updated quicker! Missed the ark! Does remind me that I bought a book from the library in another language and I haven't touched it yet. I love sewing on paper by hand so should get some out later. If I had some bible I think the temptation to embroider something subversive on it might just be too much for me! xxx

dottycookie said...

Where did you find iron on vinyl, Julia? I asked awhile back in John Lewis and they looked at me as if I had two heads. Oh, hang on a minute ... my word verification is 'anthead' so maybe that's why they were giving me funny looks.

Glad you're feeling happier now :-)