Friday, 2 January 2009

The Things we do for Love

I seem to have done myself a mischeif. Bizarrely, though I have no memory of tripping up or falling over, my left foot has mysteriously swollen up which means that yesterday and today I have had to rest. The resting has also helped with the headache and 'fatigue' from the night before last. A perfect opportunity to sit on the sofa with some threads ..

And my Sublime Stitching 'stitch lesson' transfer page

Stem stitch above, followed by Lazy Daisy

and Twinkle stitches

As you can see ... I'm still feeling a bit fuzzy! And I still can't imagine what it was that made my feet sore!


Daisie said...

Hahhahaha!! Wonder what it was that made your foot so sore????

I need to get me some shoes like that if it means you get some days rest and sewing!!

Happy New Year!!


Kitty said...

A bit 'tired and emotional' after NYE were you? ;-) Those shoes are fab, but I'm not entirely surprised you went over on your ankle! Hope it's much better very soon.

Lovely stitching.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Fabulous shoes! I am vertically challenged and would love some heels like that! Good to see you are putting your rest time to good use.

edward and lilly said...

Those shoes are fabulous, definitely worth the swelling! Happy Stitching :)

Anonymous said...

I'm half a world away, yet I feel a little fuzzy and sore-footed after this post...

Moogsmum said...

Nope - really can't imagine what could have made your foot poorly! Shame you're having to resort to reclining on the sofa stitching. Here's to a (not too) speedy recovery ;-)


twiggypeasticks said...

I have to do the stitch lesson embroidery it's on my list, I got that book for my birthday last year and still haven't done it. Hope you're soon feeling better, I hurt my knee on the walk back from the pub the other night, scarey thing was I was wearing flats!!! I blmae the pints of Black Sheep beer :)
Twiggy x

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Julia,

Happy New Year! I hope your foot feels better...those shoes look a little dangerous...but fun!


Gina said...

Great shoes... but dicing with danger!