Friday, 20 February 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside

We've had the most superb spring day here at the House of Marmalade today. Eggy and Peggy have been sunbathing, and Jimmy has been wandering around with only a t-shirt on. The sunshine has lulled him into a false state of spring security because he has decided, despite all my warnings to the contrary (ie: it's not warm when the sun goes down) to have a camp out in the garden tonight with his friends. But how wonderful is that childhood exuberance?

I'm not so easily seduced by a quick burst of sunshine, and so when the postman arrived with a parcel from Moogsmum, the contents were very welcome indeed! These GORGEOUS wristwarmers in pink and black - one of my favourite combinations are just the thing for when it's too warm to wear gloves, but to cold not to wear a coat - and despite the sunny weather and sunbathing activities around here, I still think it's a little too parky to strip off, so these will come in very handy indeed (pardon the pun). I have tried them already and they are wonderful! Thank you Moogsmum!

Another parcel arrived from TwiggyPeasticks. Just look at Marmaladey details on this box she has made for me with some of the bible pages I sent to her. Isn't it beautiful?

More pink and black ... wonder how they knew? ;)

Perhaps by the summer, I could whip one of these up?!


Fancy Elastic said...

Oh, I'm glad somebody is camping already... Well done. Do you expect some bodies on the sitting room floor in the morning?!

And that dress in the last picture is something else. I'd like one like that if I only had somewhere to wear it!


Billie Jane said...

I'd love a dress like that if I only had the body to put it on! x

Kitty said...

It was lovely weather today - I was studying the sky, and there is definitely a tangible change in the colours up there!

What lovely goodies you got there ... you lucky blogger! x

Moogsmum said...

Brrr - camping? No thanks...not just yet!

Glad you like your wrist warmers - I thought the colours were you:-)


silverpebble said...

Oooh - lovely Moogy wristwarmers - I have some too and wear them inside, outside - all the time! They're great for jewellery-making.

Lovely Twiggy crafts there too.

I'm with Lesley though - too early for sleeping under the stars for us!

The Coffee Lady said...

too warm for gloves? are you talking about June?

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Lovely gifts, and I admit I have had the back door open, it feels so spring like out there....
I am not getting the tent out yet though!lol

X Alex

jennyflower said...

I happen to have heard that your mug swap has been posted, I think you have a whole lot more goodness on the way to you.Watch out for a substantial package! xxxx

Tracy said...

Camping??!!...OMG!!...Too cold yet for me to pup a tent! And we're still hip-deep in snow here anyway--LOL! Such goodies, Julia...LOVE those pink & black wristers--my fave color combo too. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))