Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow Worries

Last night, Mr Marmalade and I laughed mockingly at the severe weather warning he had been told about at work. It had been a lovely sunny day, cold but not bitter and a clear, cloudless evening. We said to eachother with a giggle and an eyeball roll "looks like they got it wrong again", and then in the middle of the night, answering a call of nature, I looked out of the window and my golly gosh!!!! I nearly fell off the loo as the snow had indeed arrived, and with a vengeance! Come morning there was even more. School was shut, and work said I could have a "snow day". Hurrah!! While Jimmy removed the 'trucks' from his skateboard - now a snowboard - I ventured into the garden for a spot of photography before the pristine white blanket was ruined by excitable boys' footprints!

The abominable chickens were particularly disturbed judging by the continuous clucky mutterings coming from the coop!

But incredibly, though there were the usual travel disruptions, the postman still made it to my door, bearing a gift!

It was from the lovely lovely Tess at Driftwood! She had promised to send me some of her non stick matting for free motion machine sewing, and stuffed a few extra goodies into the envelope while she was at it! Some chocolate coins which Jimmy attempted to steal, naughty boy, and a beautiful beautiful beautiful bluey greeney fluffy scarf, which I think might be crocheted - but not being an expert on that (humph), i could be wrong and it could be knitted ... It's wooly and warm though, that's for sure! Thank you so much Tess!

Speaking of crochet, my pathetic attempts have now devolved into single cell organisms and so all miserable specimens have now been consigned to a jar on the shelf, (as suggested by Ms Berlin Deluxxe - thankyou!). They look better in there, and they serve as a grisly reminder of all the dinners I burned whilst creating them. Perhaps I'll try again one day. Perhaps I wont.

On the subject of lovely ladies, my friend Jane has started a blog!! Jane taught me how to make soap - she's been doing it for 15+ years and had her own company selling it. She's very creative, loves sewing, and cooking and crafting and she is an expert on the Victorian era - her passion. I've long been meaning to suggest that she should write a blog, and then one day she did, before I got round to mentioning it. Are you a Technobilly? Jane is, I am, and I think most of you lot are too - I mean that in a good way - so do hop along there and visit her, she has a friendly and entertaining writing style, and guess what ... she can make Chocolate soap!


Anyone who can do that, must be good!!


Kitty said...

We were snowed up today too ... good, wasn't it? :-D

Small world ... I have met your friend Jane before. I had a table next to her at a craft sale, and we found we got along splendidly. People were buying my little bags to put her soap in, and if I remember correctly, she even bought some herself to sell the soap in! I shall certainly go over and say hello!


Moogsmum said...

Ooh didn't you get a lot of snow?! It missed us completely today but I'm quite happy for it to come back tonight.
Our chickies weren't at all keen and spent most of the time on their perch clucking noisily at the white stuff!

I'm going to have to check out Jane's blog - chocolate soap sounds heavenly :-)


twiggypeasticks said...

Hmm choccy soap!! Lovely snow pics. We had more snow today, Twiglet is loving it, 5 days on the trot. He's even forsaken the telly to play outside - amazing!!!
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

Look at those pretty hens in the snow :)
Oooh chocolate soap! Sounds like something yummy to add to a V.tines day gift!

Anonymous said...

All thes beautiful white snow scenes! It's like the inside of a snowglobe on the blogosphere today!

Veronica Darling... said...

Wowser! I can't believe the chooks survived! Our Aussie one's don't really like below zero temps! I've had to bury one once, how I cried.

summerfete said...

I am a technobilly!!

Do the eggs freeze in this cold weather?

What a stupid question! LOL

Clare x

laoi gaul~williams said...

we had heavy rain all night and this morning, just had an hour or so of heavy i dont think the weather knows quite what to do!
technobilly, yes i am!

driftwood said...

love your hens in the snow photos, and the thought of chocolate soap, jsut going to visit now!

Vonnie said...

Lovely hens! We have 11 and every single one refused to leave the coop when the snow came down last week, not even for the massive bowl of porridge I'd lovingly made for them.

Needless to say their house was revolting by end of last week!

Lovely blog - I just found you today but I've added your feed to my bloglines :)