Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ranting or Raving?

When we returned from Bath this time last week (boo hooo), there were a few parcels on my doorstep and these are the last two I have to blog about.

The first from The Organic Gardening Catalogue. Just the usual types of seeds for the year ahead, but I get them from here not so much because they are organic, but because they come from an independant British supplier. I was horrified to learn a while ago, that as much as 80% of the worlds seeds supplies are controlled by only 3 conglomerates, one of which is Monsanto who I refuse to have anything to do with if I can help it. Even seeds which appear to come from small businesses, are owned by large companies like Suttons and T&M - who's parent companies are one of the three seed supplying giants, and I have been un-inspired to fund these companies anymore by buying their seeds, often F1 hybrids which are not fertile. I could stand on my soap box for hours and hours about the badness of companies like Monsanto, their effects on the world, and their rapacious crimes against humanity, not least small indegenous farmers in third world countries, but instead I will recommend two books which disclose this problem in a far better and more eloquent rant than I could manage here. These books contain essays on all aspects of life and living, written from the viewpoint of a talented writer who is a woman like all of us, trying to run a household and raise a family as consciously and as honourably as life and times will allow. Her words are pragmatic, down-to-earth, funny and endearing. The first book is Small Wonder which I have mentioned before, and the second is Animal Vegetable Miracle. These are both treasures on my bookshelf which I refer to often.

My second parcel came from the wonderful Kitty, to say thankyou for the bible pages that I sent her. She saw this piece of printed fabric and thought of me. Can't imagine why!

I am going to make it into an apron for my soap making (this may help reduce my nerve panic when mixing lye). I might even sew some real tassles on! I am looking forward to 8 April when there is to be a Bloggery Picknick organised by Lucy Locket, only a few miles away from me at Millets Farm Centre . Kitty and lots more of my bloggy friends will be there. I've never been on a bloggy meet up before, and am quite shy really, so it will be very strange, but lovely to meet the real people behind the blogs I have enjoyed for so long!


CurlyPops said...

You will love meeting up with other like minded souls at the bloggers picnic!
You may even make a new best friend.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

I ♥ the fabric with the corset print. I am an avid gardener with a crazy palette than can differentiate between "homegrown" and depleted veggies.
Thanks for the tidbit on seeds and their distributors.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I think we are all probably a little shy inside - but it will be fabulous to see so many wonderful bloggers at the picnic - I just hope it doesn't snow or pour with rain!!!

Lucy x

dottycookie said...

I'm so glad you're coming to the picnic - when Lucy said where it was going to be I hoped you'd be able to come along. Lucy's right, I think we're all a bit shy but it is remarkably easy to chat to bloggers when you finally meet them in real life!

Clever Kitty - that fabric is perfect!

Kitty said...

I really did think of you when I saw that piece of fabric - and that was before I knew about the tassles ;-)

I'm shy too - so shy, I don't use my real name for my blogging. So I'm going to have to 'be Kitty' and just leave the shy thing at home on that day. I'm looking forward to the picnic, but anxious at the same time!

I didn't realise that about the seed companies before reading your post. Food for thought. x

Jo Power said...

Again you amaze me with your knowledge. I am an allotment owner (rent from the council) and as such belong to the local allotment group and every year we get catalogues from Suttons as though they are the only company to sell seeds I think I will look into getting my seeds from a more local source who isn't run by one of the big companies.

Love the material that is fab you will have to let us see it when you have finished turning it in to an apron. xx

The Coffee Lady said...

How interesting to find that out about seeds. Even a simple pursuit like gardening needs such care taking.

jennyflower said...

That fabric is just perfect! I am so miffed I won't be able to come and play, just too far to come for the day. Have fun! xxx

Primrose Corner said...

Cheeky fabric, I can't imagine why she thought of you (!) Enjoy your picnic meet-up. Quite an adventure meeting people that you 'half' know. I wonder what you'll call each other; bloggy names or reall names? Will anyone be like you ever imagined them to be? Oh ..... should be fun.

Moogsmum said...

It's going to be lovely to meet you - you'll be wearing your new apron of course?!

I had no idea about the seed companies. I'll shop wiser in future.


p.s. I'm very very shy ;-)