Monday, 5 October 2009

Mooning Around

Good grief! what a weekend we've had at the House of Marmalade ... i'm putting it down to the Full Moon.

On Friday night, Mr Marmalade and I heard a terrible commotion outside the house - we live next door to a pub - and presumed it was just a young man's brawl. Which it was. It wasn't until Saturday morning that we discovered the 'trail of vandalism' they had left behind - over 20 cars in the village badly damaged using keys or knives, and ours was no exception! It turns out that they were a gang from town who came here specifically to cause trouble ... WHY??!

On Saturday, more mindless carrying on as Mr Marmalade was called in the middle of the night to a fire - 50 tons of straw!! The 6th case of straw arson in as many weeks. Our Farmers are in despair! There is a straw shortage already due to the unfavourable straw growing weather of this year ... What is in the minds of these people? Do they even have minds?

Although crime figures do officially rise at the time of the full moon, the high energy ensures that lots of good things happen too, and so I am pleased to report that good things did come out top this weekend.

Jimmy started his first Saturday job - he walked into a car garage last week - unbeknown to us, asked for a job, and they gave him one! He is doubly pleased as the cars are "prestige" and like many boys of his age, cars are one of his favourite obsessions - so much so that I sometimes think Jeremy Clarkson has moved in with me, I hear his voice so often, then I realise it's just Top Gear on the TV .... again! We've had our moments with Jimmy over the last year, since he turned 'teen', there was the famous gin incident, 2 school suspensions the most shocking moment of my career as a mother to date - the time that he was brought home by police at 2am after having escaped from his room to meet some friends! But all in all, it's moments like these that make me know without question that there IS light at the end of the 'terrifying teen' tunnel and that with each teen horror, a 'bursting with pride' moment will be just around the corner. Thank goodness!

I also received a few orders from my website, so I've been busily packaging them up and sending them off!

And Val's seed swap arrived!! I say seed swap - I think she's sent me a garden!!! And the most beautiful beaded bracelet too - an unexpected surprise! The seeds were packaged in the most lovely little origami envelopes, which I have shamelessly copied to enclose the seeds that I am swapping with Ginny, as her swap partner dropped out. Thank you so much Val! I can't wait to plant all my new flower seeds next year. Most of them will go in the allotment as our garden is being re-designed (Mr Marmalade + new shed). Now I too will be wafting around with my trug and secateurs in a Sarah Ravenesque cutting flower manner. Hurrah!

I have really enjoyed the Seed Swap, to me it's an expression of the abundance that we can all share as a community at this time of year, the late harvest, not just food, but joy and beauty too. I hope to do another next year, so anybody reading this who wants to join in, remember to save some seeds!


dottycookie said...

What a weekend! We had a similar incident of vandalism a few years back and it was terrifically annoying. Sympathies to Mr MK - but also a huge vote of thanks for being one of the brave people who do turn out in the middle of the night to put out fires and keep us all safe. Tiny Small had a visit from a fire engine at school the other day and she hasn't stopped talking about it since!

I'm glad you liked the seeds. I really hope they grow. I'm sure you've found the seed packet folding instructions by now but do shout if you need the links!

Fancy Elastic said...

we live a couple of doors down from a fish and chip shop and last week some terrors climbed through our back garden to break in to the shop and steel their safe, then carry it back over the walls of our garden (squashing our last evening primrose)... carry a safe??!! can you imagine - they must have had the energy of the full moon!

Mindless vandalism drives me nuts - lots of people clearly have no sense... it leaves you feeling very empty.

but... Hurrah for the Jimmy... Hurrah for working. I am sure a the satisfaction and responsibilty of a job will help him through and out of those teen years.


Sue said...

You have had a time of ups and downs. Give my congratz to your enterprising youngster for finding a job. Having raised 3 boys, I understand ;-)

dubgirl said...

As i work in the criminal justice system, i can definitely vouch for the full moon syndrome as we call it. I just dont understand the mindless vandalism, just totally pointless. Hats off to Jimmy though x

Anonymous said...

Its good that Jimmy has got himself a job, a lot of positive qualities were involved in him finding a job on his own. Congratulations!

When I worked in a nursing home the night staff used to dread full moon as there was a definate change in the way residents behaved!


Billie Jane said...

I did wonder at the increased police presence in the village at the moment... we dont usually see bobbies on the beat around these parts! Ah the full moon! I can remember wanting to smash something... but then I was too scared... policemen used to cuff you round the ears in those days! lol! Well done to Jimmy... :-)

Gina said...

Sorry to hear about all the vandalism. Thanks so much for organising the seed swap - it was great fun. Sign me up for next year!

Moogsmum said...

Blimey what a weekend! I can never understand anyone needing to destroy other people's property.

Great news about your boy, though :)


Tracy said...

OMG, Julia... such goings one! Just glad no one was seriously hurt. The straw arson is terrible...So sad. Why do people do these things?! So sorry for your car being damaged. Maybe Jimmy can fix it now he's got a garage job? :o) Great news for him! And terrific news on your orders--hooray! Such fun with your seed swap! Val did send you enough for start a garden--LOL! I was sorry to be able to join in...We did less with our patch with years, so not many seeds around just now. Happy Week ((HUGS))

Miss T said...

Hurrah for MK Jnr!

The Coffee Lady said...

Oh, the buggers. It's great that your lad will be looking after cars rather than wrecking them!

I do envy the seed swop. I have no seeds whatsoever, but I agree about the blogging abundance. And it's not just confined to Autumn.

Michela said...

I'm sorry for what happened! Congratulations to your son...and hope next year to enter your fantastic seeds swap!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh that sort of thing just makes me so cross! its just so mindless and to think that they actually went out of their way to cause trouble. (I was going to use the word create - but I am not its a positive word!)

Congrats to your son on getting himself a job. You must be so proud!

I have an award for you on my blog.
Hope you dont mind.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

What complete toe-rags... thumbs up for Mr Marmalade for putting his life on the line, and the vandalism is just pathetic, they need their backsides kicked

I am glad the seed swap went well and I love the packaging, and congrats to MK Junior.. he got of his arse and sorted it out what a top lad...

x Alex

Kitty said...

Oh crumbs - keying cars is such a stupid thing to do :( I hope they find out who did it. And as for the fires ... grrrrr.

Well done to your son - initiative and responsibility. I hope he does really well. (We have endless repeats of Top Gear via the 'Dave' channel, going on here too).