Monday, 3 May 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

THANK YOU all so much for your feedback on my 'logo'.  I agree with all of you, in that:

The words should be on the same line
The text should 'pop'
The birds are too small
The font of the text should be the same

SO, improvements have been made!  Isn't it amazing how a couple of moves can spawn a whole new raft of ideas and inspiration!

I have removed the birds.  Although I love them, they really don't say much and I am not clever enough to make it looks as if they are actually sewing the corset in the manner of Disney movies!!  

I have put the text on the same line, and added a needle and thread instead of a 'stitched' font to convey the message that this is something you can sew.  I'm not sure if the needle will shrink down very well for small ads/pictures, but I do think that the logo, as a result of the tweaks, is much clearer now and good to go.

Thankyou so much for your help!  

I'd like to say a big hello now to all my new followers, subscribers and commenters who have come here recently - It's lovely to meet you.  For some reason, Blogger is being very rude lately and only giving me the email addresses of very few people, so I haven't been able to reply to all comments as I would like.  Please know that all comments are very much appreciated and gratefully received!


Rosy said...

It is a pleasure to find that creative people like you on the Internet

Kathi D said...

Very nice! I miss the little birds, but I agree that they might get lost in a smaller version.

Branka said...

Oh yesss, this logo looks a lot better now, i love it, well done!

Anonymous said...

Much better - really lovely

Raquel from Florida said...

I like it better!
Only one thing is bothering me: How come the cords form a continuous loop? I don't have a corset, so I'm not sure how they are suppose to be.

JuliaB said...

Thanks Everyone!

Kathi: I will use the birds for bigger ads..

Raquel: yes, a corset is laced with one single lace which loops out in the middle to get a tighter fit.


frk.bustad said...

I too miss the birds, but as long as you'll use them later on... The advantage you've got now, is that the text may be used alone (e.g. on brand tags...)!

dubgirl said...

I think the logo is better now, it seems to stand out more x

Indigo Blue said...

The logo is very stylish. I know that your corsets have a vintage appeal but I think that this logo will not "date" and could be transfered to packaging, letter heads etc very easily.
Well done worth all of the time and effort.