Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sew Resolved ..

One of the things I have failed to do for the last two years, is to make myself a decent wardrobe of clothes and so this year, I have resolved to be organised.

My problem is focus... I am so easily distracted and I have so much 'going on' most of the time, that I need to forumlate a plan which includes a much more focussed approach to the things I love to do. 

I have therefore cancelled commitments that I do not feel I have time for anymore, and made my own creativity a priority.  Call me selfish, but it's what I have been lacking (and what this blog has been lacking too!).

I am making lists.  Lots of lists, I have books, and journals, and computer files to help me .. and piles .. lots of piles of stuff to sort.

The first list/pile to organise is:

  • a list of clothes I need
  • a list of clothes I want to try to make
  • a pile of fabric I already have
  • patterns I have or have bought ..

Clothes I need (and that have been on my 'to do list' for two years now):

A summer dress or two (or three) for wearing out and about - smart/casual
A few light tops for every day / work,  and which 'go' with skirts and trousers I already have
A light jacket or two for when the weather is chilly but not cold
A couple of dresses for 'work' which are compatible with boot wearing for winter/spring use
Some long loose tops suitable for wearing with leggins, for house/gardening wear
An outfit for an event in May - this will have a fetish theme
A party dress for next Christmas
An every day corset
A bra

All the above must be "layerable" - the climate here in the UK is so unpredictable, I find that it is easiest to have clothes which go "trans-season" - they can be worn with other garments under or over, with or without tights, and are both boot and shoe compatible.  It's a bit of a tall order but I am not a fussy dresser, I like things to be plain, smart, attractive, flattering, functional, and comfortable.

List of clothes I want to try to make:

Tailored jacket
More shirts for Mr Marmalade

List of clothes I want to make for 'creative' purposes

Corsets - too many to list, but some of them at least with rhinestones!
Corset for Mr M.

In my fabric stash I have wools, suitings, knits, silks, cottons, linens, blends, saris, nettings and plenty of trimmings and other interesting bits and bobs to use.  I'm going to be busy this year aren't I??

I also have all the patterns I need, and most of the fabric.  Many of the patterns are vintage.  I will show them to you when I've organised them!!

I have no excuse to procrastinate!


Anonymous said...

What a great list! I'm working on my Building a Lifetime Wardrobe plan. Come and join me!

Fancy Elastic said...

This is a fabulous idea and I am loving your organisational strategy... inspiring! x

Anita said...

Exciting! I can't wait to see what comes about. I'm just going to live vicariously through your blog since I never seem to get around to my apparel sewing.

Indigo Blue said...

I through something else into the mix? 2011 is the year for you to make a bag or two to go with that lovely list of yours. I can point in the direction of some good patterns/books if you need them.

Kitty said...

I look forward to seeing how you do with these, Julia. My main aim for 2011 is to DECLUTTER! I am determined. Happy New Year to you and yours :) x

Gina said...

That sounds like a lot of sewing. I would be happy to finish the tunic dress I started in 2009!

Sarah said...

That's great, I can't wait to see the results of your creativity. And good for you, taking time to do your own thing :).
My goal for the year is to make a good dent in my fabric stash before buying any more (it's starting to take over; my boyfriend is begining to make jokes about coming home to find that i've been burried in it).

Billie Jane said...

You are so organised! I decided a little while ago that I needed to make more clothes to wear - everyday stuff... but now I am procrastinating cos i think I am trying to lose weight... I should just get on with it... there... you have inspired me!