Monday, 14 February 2011

Plans and delays

Thank you all for the very constructive and helpful comments left on my last post about what to put in the book.   I can safely say that most of those topics will be covered!  Watch this space!

The last few weeks have been quite hard work.  One new year's resolution has turned a complete 180 degrees and so i'm pointing in completely the opposite direction to the course I had planned for the year, but this is a very good thing.  There are major plans afoot - clue in the picture above, and I will keep you posted as I can.

I wanted to mention comments.  It's not that i'm a rude person or a bad blogger - at least I try not to be, but I don't always get time to answer comments at the moment.  This should improve alongside the aforementioned 'plans' but for now, my day job is exhausting me and hence so little posting.  It will get better I promise, but in the meantime, I plan to reply to as many comments as possible via the comments box.

The other problem with comments is that I noticed that Blogger has decided to keep some back!  I had comments from October waiting to be "approved", much to my horror!   And so to all the people who thought I had ignored them - sorry!  I didn't realise.  All comments are now safely approved and regularly checked.  I really am grateful for all feedback, so thank you all!  Please do keep visitng and commenting... It would be nice to meet some of you lurkers!


dottycookie said...

I've been having the hold moderated comments nonsense from blogger too - it's really very annoying!

Don't feel bad about not answering - it happens to all of us, life gets in the way, and anyway, I'd personally rather you spent time sewing and posting than feeling obligated to respond - though it's always lovely to talk to you!

The Coffee Lady said...

I find comments a complete nightmare in Blogger. Other systems have more obvious response systems; and they also give you people's email addresses. Nothing so frustrating as a 'noreply' address from blogger!

I tried another system a while ago but there were issues with that as well so I ended up crawling back.

I found out recently that in some blogging communities, emailing people in response is seen as downright weird, and everything is in the commentbox.

Dottycookie is right. Get on with your sewing!

JuliaB said...

Ahhh.. thanks both. Interesting what you say about 'weird' CL, because I noticed that alorra bloggers these days only reply via the comment box if at all .. But I have made some very nice 'friends' by bloggy email - as you both know!

Billie Jane said...

The whole comments thing is a little 'binding'... you feel you should respond personally because people have taken the trouble to write int he first place, but sometimes your response would be of interest to the other commentators too... so I think that sometimes it is better to respond in the comments box... it makes it for more of a conversation among a group of people rather than a private reply - unless of course a private reply is what is required. :-) love the blog... and looking forward to more 'corsetry antics' from you.

gill x said...

I wonder if you would be so kind as to offer a little feedback to one of my GCSE textiles students. She has just completed the designing and manufacture of a corset as piece of her coursework, and is very keen to obtain some feedback on her efforts. Would you be able to give a few words of advise to her if I could email a couple of photos to you? She would be most grateful if this was possible!

Indigo Blue said...

I email back those who have been regulars as they often email me. I too have made some good online friends out of this. I have left feedback in th epost comment box hopeing that people will return to ee my response. I have experienced some problems with leaving comments on other blogs and the comment "error blogger could not complete task" or something like that. This is on blogs that I comment on regularly too. Now that is wierd.