Thursday, 16 June 2011

Are you on Pinterest?

I am!  and I LOVE IT!
Click the pic to see my boards


Pomona said...

I keep hearing about it and feel that I am missing out somewhere!

Pomona x

Billie Jane said...

Good lord... What with Facebook and Twitter and Tumbler (?) and blogging and goodness knows what else is out there waiting to ensnare me, I have difficulty keeping up with my blog and emails never mind anything else... the danger is that one doesn't find time to actually live.

Marie-Noëlle said...

I am too but it is such a time sink

JuliaB said...

I know .. it's a time drain, i have lost more than several hours of my life, but luckily I found an app for it, so now I can restrict my viewing/pinning time to when I am sitting on a train or something!

silverpebble said...

I've had in invitation to start pinning but I really don't know when I'd have the time! I popped over there just now and there are a few images on there from my blog - how lovely!

Indigo Blue said...

I had an email from Craftzine about this but was not sure about it. I lost interest in Ywitter quite quickly but this looks much more visual which I think I prefer.
I am off to take a closer look.
Many thanks for the web advice. I am going to tackle it over the summer when I can spend the day in my jammies fiddling around with it to get it right.