Tuesday, 14 June 2011


First of all a huge Hello to all my new followers!  Thanks for sticking around.  I havent been very good at blogging lately, just while I get used to my new routine and finishing my book off.  I do hope to post more regularly, as I have lots of personal as well as professional projects in the pipeline.  

One thing i'd like to do before summer is out, is make a couple of new outfits for my holidays coming up -  fingers crossed that Old Father Time, allows it .. oh and just incase you're wondering, I do have a couple of updates on 'my future wardrobe' (eyes left) ..

a block i'm working on for me .. subject of a future post on petite sizing
where due to height, the back is shorter than average but the bust is larger than average!!

The other thing which I have been pretty consumed with ofcourse,  is my bride for whom I am making a corset.  It's an underwear corset which she would like to wear in the future as outer wear.  ie: She's wearing it under her wedding dress, but rather than have it too plain and underwear-like, she is having it made from a lovely gold silk which can be embellished further at a later date - after the wedding.  To cut down on bulk it will be a single layer with loose cotton lining so that it will be light and comfortable next to her skin.  We had a third and final toile fitting yesterday so I am good to go with the real thing, and my bride has kindly given me permission to post here, so expect an update or two on her corset production.

a corset toile
same pattern and size,  different style options on each side.

Wedding corsetry has therefore been topmost in my mind of late, and in those of other corsetiers, it being the season, and I was going to do a little post about it, but one of my online corsetmaking friends has beaten me to it and frankly, her post is better than mine ever would have been!

as waif-like as she was, Audrey's gowns often included a corsolette foundation

Glasgow based Alison of Crikey Aphrodite!,  has written a very concise article on her blog, which covers everything you need to know about bridal corsetry,  whether you're thinking of wearing a corset under your dress for some extra structure or whether you're going for that 1950's super cinched look 'a'la Audrey Hepburn in the film Funny Face.  

Click here to see:  Corsets for Brides.


Ros Made Me said...

Your post on corselettes bought back memories of my mother... back in the 50s when she was pregnant with me she realised that she could no longer wear the garment, so being rather thrifty in outlook, she took an axe to it to remove the boning... much to the bemusement of her new brother-in-law who spotted her wielding it in the back garden!

Kimberly said...

Looking forward to your post on Petite sizing. As for wedding corsets... i made mine (and the dress) and wouldn't have had it any other way. Besides giving me nice curves, the corset helped me feel nice and secure on one of the crazy-busiest days of my life.

wedding corsetry said...

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