Monday, 25 July 2011

Competition results

Well it was a hard job to decide the winner of the competition and there were so many entries and great ideas!  In the end, I picked the most practical idea and the one which made me think "why didn't I think of that?" and still had me thinking about it a week later - often the most obvious answers are the ones which elude one's mind when faced with an urgent challenge!

The most popular suggestion by far was that I make or buy bags drawstring or tote,  to put the corset kits into.  Although this would be a favourite idea of mine, it is unfortunately too time consuming  for me to make the number of bags I would need, and too expensive for me to buy the number of pretty bags I would have to buy to get a good price.  I think these ideas are definately something I might explore in the future though.

Other people suggested ziplock pouches, pillow boxes, paper bags, fabric wrapping or plain brown paper  with old fashioned string - all lovely ideas, but not quite in keeping with my original theme which was to provide something which resembled an old fashioned corset box with layers of tissue paper concealing the delight within.  I know the assumption is that Victorian women perhaps thought of their corset like a prison, but I don't doubt that when they received a new one,  fresh, crisp  and, if I know the Victorians, prettily packaged, in that beautiful but utalitarian way which they were famous for, it must have felt like a treat in the same way that a present of prettily packaged fine underwear is to us today - whether we have bought it ourselves or otherwise.  In my kits, I wanted to capture that feeling, even though you're not actually getting a complete, ready made garment.  

And so the prize went to Aurora who said:

"I would use your original idea, just use the brown box instead of black and substitute teal everywhere you have pink.  I think brown and teal is a gorgeous, vintage-y color palate"

She's right!  I was so entrenched with my pink and black packaging, that I never considered adding teal to the colour mix, even though this colour does infact appear in my logo and branding - the little birdies!
I will be introducing this new packaging over the next few weeks! 

Thank you so much to everyone for entering the competition and supporting me with you ideas (and links) - all of which were brilliant!

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Vanilla Rose said...

That sounds very good, although I hope you will file away my "stencil design" suggestion in case you ever need it!