Friday, 21 March 2008

A Good Friday

I've been so foccussed on the Spring Equinox, which happened today at 5.48pm precisely, that I completely forgot that it is infact also Easter weekend. This means that all of the children in my life, had also been forgotton as far as eggs or treats go. Eeeek! Today therefore, I have been mostly making egg cosies, which I will fill with Divine (fair trade) Mini Eggs. I have to thank Christine for being my saviour in this with her fantastic tutorial. Thank you!

So here are the results of my day of hard labour:

For my 3 nieces, Niamh (5), Tuala (3), Connie (1). I know these look a bit dark, but they know me. If I gave them something more "girly" it would disturb them. A bit like when Wednesday Addams smiles. They are my favourite cosy's and had me squealing with delight and love as each one was "born".

These are for 2 little boys, Reggie (3) and Finn (4). They are quite boyish as you can see, trucks, planes, cars ... easy really:

And these two are for Lily (3) and Indigo (1), who don't know me as well as my neices, and therefore will not be disturbed at the sight of all this pinkness coming from me. Well I had to use up my one pink fat quarter. I thought they looked a bit like cupcakes when I designed them, but now I think they look like circus tents.

It's the equinox all over the world, where day and night are exactly the same length for 3 days. It's a point of balance. Afterwards, for nearly 3 months, the days will get longer, until the solstice when we have the longest day and the shortest night. From there, night will start to creep back in until the next equinox when again light and dark will be equal. The equinox's are my favourite time of year, both filled with the promise of the next season.

And so I leave you now, just at the precise moment the moon becomes full here (6.40pm if you could see past the HUGE black cloud on the horizon), and wish you all a happy holiday weekend!


twiggypeasticks said...

Hi there
lovely blog and the egg cosies are great, particularly like the little boy ones

kathi d said...

Those are lucky children!

Anonymous said...

Love the cosies! The cherry one is my fave (unsuprisingly) but they are all fab! xx

Helen said...

Happy Easter! Those egg cosies look so cute - I especially like the cherry ones. Thanks for commenting on my blog today, and for the 'find ring' vibes!

Anonymous said...

I like the egg cosies too!!! So fresh like a spring!
I also forgot about Easter, I thought it is next week... Being at home means that I hardly know what date it is (even how old I am!).