Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Here is the News

First of all a weather report... today it is mostly warm and sunny! Yes, we have Mr BlueSky back - but not sure how long for. He tends to change his mind quite often, but along with the sudden burst of green from the hedgerows, he is here for now. So I'm happy. Well ... I would be if it wasn't for the 3 HUGE queen hornets who flew in through the open doors and have now taken up residence in my sewing room. It's catch 22, either I shut the door so no more get in, or I keep it open so those already in there can leave. This obviously leaves me open to further hospitality abuse by queen hornets and queen wasps looking for a place to stay.

I had time to make some cakes which were much more successful than my last batch! The reason I had time is because of "internet trouble". If like me, you have 2 computers, a wireless connection and a router, I have only this to say on the matter: If your modem looks fully operational but wont connect to the internet (ie: the lights are on but noone's home) and your PC flashes up warning messages including the words "DCHP" "IP address" or "conflict" not necessarily in the same sentence - don't even ask me to explain - do yourself a favour and get rid of the router - it's broken. Don't spend 2 days tearing your hair out, wildly clicking your mouse over a meaningless screen (network connections), whilst simultaneously beating your forehead on the desk in between hand wringing and shouting at anyone or everyone that tries to help. Do not call your ISP "help" line. Mine is New Delhi and is about as much help as a chocolate teapot (on second thoughts chocolate in any form would have been quite helpful). I spent £5.00 for 5 minutes for them to tell me that my PC was at fault. Now don't listen to that advice either. There is no need to accuse your poor PC of allsorts of henious crimes, not least being old, broken and all used up .. it's not it's fault. It's the router. Just get a new one and harmony and balance will soon be restored. Then you can make a nice cup of tea for yourself, and settle down with your cakes, and your blogline backlog.

And now for the headlines ...

I have got a new job, in a COOKSHOP!!! I decided after 5 weeks of the "old" job, that office work is really not for me anymore - particularly when i'm the only member of staff in a north facing converted garage in somebody's home with nobody to talk to save the phone.

My brand new shiny job is actually looking after the coffee shop in said cookshop. Here is a picture:

On saturday mornings, the local organic farm come to sell veg outside on the patio.

Today was my first proper day. It took me back more than 20 years in more ways than one, not least because the owner said that my hairstyle in plaits makes me look 14. When I was really 14, I was the Saturday girl at "Jays Cafe" in the town of New Milton, Hampshire, serving frothy coffee and bacon rolls to people sitting on orange plastic chairs at formica tables. Now it's Cappucino's and stuffed focaccia's with French bistro furniture and a themed play area for the children.

I was looking on the internet for pictures of the cookshop, and came across all sorts of local blogs, including this one, which I particularly liked. Not many words, but lots of beautiful pictures of my village.

Thank you to all of you who have already sent me good luck wishes!

OK... Now i'm going to do a census on the hornet population in the other room. If I'm not here tomorrow, you'll know what happened. I was outnumbered!


Marmadaisy said...

Sounds like you've had a good day. Your new job sounds fun, although I'm afraid I would spend all my wages working somewhere like that.
Sunny sunny sunny here in Wales. I even sat outside without a coat on. Yipee!

dottycookie said...

How did you get the icing so perfectly smooth? Yum! Sorry to hear about the hornets; I'd be hiding in the other room squeaking.

Congrats on the new job - it sounds lovely! Wish I could pop in for a cuppa. Do you make the cakes there too?!

Lesley said...

So glad your first day went well - how much did you spend today?? Your cupcakes look scrummy - please don't tell me they're coffee and walnut as that's my all time favourite and I'll be beating a path to your door!!

My second day at work was a bit pants as they have changed their 'system' and I may not got paid the mileage I was promised - which would make the whole thing pointless as I can't afford 800 miles worth of diesel a month!!!

Your job sounds much more civilised :)


kathi d said...

You live AND work in beautiful spaces!

kerri said...

Wow your sewing room is amazing!! You're so lucky. Congrats on the new job. You are a stronger woman than I. There would be no paycheck at the end of the week if I worked in a place like that.

I would have closed the door to make sure no one else got in. But then you need a cup and paper handy to catch the unwanted houseguests.