Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Postman always rings Twice

Today in my post I received 2 parcels. Luckily for the post lady, I am always out when my consignments arrive and she places them tidily on the step within my porch, like a present, for when I get home at lunchtime.

Parcel 1: my latest ebay bargain. This lot cost me just over £7.00 including postage, came all the way from Canada and includes vintage rick rack, ribbon and trims. I particularly love the pink petersham ribbon wrapped in a brown paper roll which unfortunately, I haven't managed to photograph very well..

Parcel 2 from Fabric Depot "got here in the end" Hurrah!!! Actually, despite the difficulties I had with their impossibly slow and laborious webiste, and their postage options (finally persuaded them to use an $11.00 flat rate mailer), they do offer 30% off all online orders and have a wonderfully wide selection. The bonus was, that when the goods actually arrived, i had been given a 50% discount which made the order even better value and they were very helpful over email. I wont bore you with any more mundane details, so here is what was in the package:

Moda Monkees for kids stuff and Cool Cord Cherries by Kaufman for me because i am obsessed by all things cherryish ...

Moda Strawberry Lemonade and Bees Knees for vintage inspired table linen (I think) ..

More cherries for girly dresses and Moda hearts for another day ...

And tomorrow I will show you my first project ideas with this lot

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