Friday, 16 May 2008

Art in Action

It's the end of ArtWeeks in Oxfordshire this weekend and I have been thoroughly inspired yet again, as I continue to pick my way out of the rat race and properly re-discover and explore the creative side of me which I shunned so many years ago. For the last 2 weeks we have had a mini Exhibition in the shop, and today, we even had some art in action, as one of the artists brought some of her paintings into the cafe, to work on in situ. Watching as her brush slipped seemingly effortlessly over her canvas reminded me of how much I used to love painting with acrylics and oils, landscapes for me though, not flowers. But aren't her flowers beautiful?

There is also a photographic exhibition in the cafe - the subject food ofcourse - and that artist has inspired me to learn more about the photography I have started to become more interested in since starting this blog and since Mr MK bought himself a shiny new DSLR which I have used and enjoyed much more than he has had time to.

So i'm dusting off my pencils, and paint tubes, and I'm going to have another go! Thank you Sue, and Karen!

And here's one I did earlier ...


Mrs. Parks said...

You are so artistic, I love your work. Sending thoughts of sunshine your way : )

tillyboo said...

Hello, get those pens, pencils and paintbrushes out girl !
I too have shunned my painting for a long time - just lost my mojo really.
I really must get my watercolours put, thanks for the inspiration.

You asked about tips on logo's on my my blog ... It was done professionally from an applique piece I did (a tree) and my brief was that I wanted it to be simple, clean, fresh, pure and colourful - a representation of some of the fabrics I use too. I would say, design something that has longevity in terms of appearance. I have digressed and developed so much these past 18 months and have finally found where I am happiest. The logo is perfect for what I do and not too specific.
A year ago I may have had a bunny or some other soft toy as a logo - it would be completely irrelevant now.

dottycookie said...

Her flowers are lovely - but so is your sketch! You clever thing! Where is Devil's Den?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I love your pencil drawing. Promise you will start drawing and painting again because you most definitely have the talent for it.

twiggypeasticks said...

That's very good, wish I could draw. I used to paint a bit before I had Twiglet but haven't got my painting stuff out for about 4 years. Would like to do a course one day as I'm not very good. Anyhoo, keep up the good work
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

just wow to everything. MY mum can draw but i am hopeless apart from cartoons

Dragonfly said...

I love your drawing, and the photos are brilliant in the cafe.
Blogging has inspired me hugely to take more photos and I'm now rarely without my camera.

Ginger said...

Yup i agree you have to do more love seeing more.
Thumbs up on this one .
Love it!