Saturday, 28 June 2008

Chickens of Joy and Happiness

I didn't report the sad demise of my last hen a few weeks ago.

Since they went, the garden has seemed rather sad and empty. I missed my girls so much! I'm sure it's the reason my gardening hasn't been quite how it should be, or what it has been.

I have no idea why having chickens in the garden makes me feel so very happy...

Today, my garden is complete again!

These two beautiful girls, arrived from Cotswold Chickens this morning, but they're still a bit shy and who can blame a hen for being shy when she has no name? The lovely lady here, is an Amber Lee, and the one shaking her tail feather in the distance is a Sussex Star ..

Help for names anyone?


Jaya said...
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Kitty said...

My ex neighbour kept hens: Clara, Emily, and Lily.

How about Dora? Flora? Mavis? Daphne? Margo? HENrietta?


Lesley said...

Hello Girls!!!!

We had fun choosing names for ours - Minx originally wanted Sabrina but plumped for Flossy, then Monster vowed to call his Indiana Jones - now called Jazz (after one of the Transformers!!).

Look forward to sharing chicken stories :)


Kathi D said...

Yay for you having hens again! They really do bring the garden to life.

As for names, the two missionary girls who visit me (regularly now!) were here last week and they said their dad wanted to name them Doris and Harriet. He lost that battle, but I haven't been able to forget those names yet.

Gina said...

Beautiful chooks! When I'm thinking about chicken names I can only think of the chickens in the film "Chicken Run"... Babs and Bunty?

dottycookie said...

Welcome chicky chickens!

I am rubbish at naming anything. I'd probably call at least one of them Elsie. Or Ethel.

mill said...

I wish I had chickens! I will one day, when we buy our own house with a big garden. I look forward to fresh eggs :D As for a name - how about Henny Penny? ;)