Thursday, 26 June 2008

Exciting Times

You know sometimes when you get home from work feeling a bit "bleurgh" for no apparent reason, then when you walk through the front door, you find that the postman has been, and left you a nice pick-me-up.

It's like paper tonic - you can feel your spirits lifting as you pick up the envelope from the mat recognising the handwriting. Well I got one today!

A card from my bestest friend of nearly 20 years, who we shall be visiting next month. As you can see, where she is it's hot hot hot and, judging by her parting words .. "i'm off to buy an extra large pair of sunglasses" (well she is in Italy) .... it's also VERY SUNNY!!!! Which is a relief I can tell you, as when we went there last year, it was "Thunder in the Mountains" and not much else, which would have been ok, if we had packed more suitable clothing.

Here's a view from her garden if you look down the hill ....

and the view when you look up the hill ...

Its lucky she doesn't have any neighbours because if you look behind you might just see two lunatics prancing around the portico playing very loud music and pretending to be pop stars....

It's a true (and very sad) fact that before she left this country 4 years ago, we did give a "farewell concert" to her sofa (the only other thing in the room at the time).

That's a drunken haze you can see there!

Meanwhile, on this side of the Mediterranean, I have mostly finished my beautiful butterfly ... Still need some soldering practice!

and dissected several pairs of jeans for serious re-purposing ... Watch this space!!


Anonymous said...

cor have fun in italy. the butterfly is gorgeous really lovely

Kitty said...

The butterfly is gorgeous!

How lovely, to have a friend in Italy that you can pop over to see. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back! x