Monday, 18 August 2008

The Invisible Woman

I've got another new toy. It's called Gimp. No, it's not something I made with the use of my "making latex clothes" book which some of you eagle eyed people spotted in a post of mine back in May. No. It's a FREE photo-editing download which does most of what Adobe Photoshop does and can be downloaded to Windows easily, and Mac with a little help.

It means that I can at last "model" my corsets for sale without modelling them, if you see what I mean. I was wearing this when the picture was taken. Beleive me, it looks better without! Clever don't you think?

It's quite difficult to operate until you get the knack - I had to have a tutorial from a friend of mine. Do you think the odd tip here would be handy?

And now for an Overlocker update: NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER do what you do with a sewing machine, that is, leave your pins in while you sew. You will end up with one of these ...


Primrose Corner said...

Enjoy your GIMP. I would never have believed a little pin could cause that much damage. Have to store that fact away in my little brain for future reference.

Fantastic looking corset. That fabric is gorgeous. I'm not sure what you mean though 'looks better without' - it looks better without you? or you look better without it - tee hee!

Fancy Elastic said...

Oh no! Hopefully there is a spare one of those amongst all those extra parts you were showing us.

And I agree entirely with primrose corner... the fabric on the corset is to die for. yum.

You must be very clever to make corsets. Clever and patient!

JuliaB said...

LoL! yes I meant without me in it! (I cut the cups too small for me so I looked like the incredible 4 boobed woman!!)

Luckily there was indeed a spare knife in my "accessories" but so distraught was I when it happened I didn't look, wrote to the supplier and they very kindly told me to have a look before ordering another! £15.00 that little thing costs so just as well. Still, next pay day I shall buy a spare JUST INCASE!!! It's very confusing going from machine to machine because they behave so differently. After the overlocker, sewing machine feels like a snail!


Marmadaisy said...

You are so clever to make corsets. Thanks for the gimp hint, I shall have to get me that!

Florence said...

Oh Julia - no! You poor thing. I had heard the pins could be lethal, but hadn't really believed it!

Your corsetry work is quite astounding - so clever and what a great way of modelling them. x

Anonymous said...

I bet that made a big bang when it hit the pin!

I love your clever corset and the beautiful checked shirt in the previous post.

jennyflower said...

Who would have thought a Gimp could make two of your boobs disappear! I havent shown the corset pic to Simon for fear of 'comments'.And lots of cheeky comments about the opportune placement of the fringing! It looks fab to me you clever sausage.