Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Time Flies when you're Having Fun

I swear it was only 10 minutes ago that I had this cute little bundle to look after. It really only seems like yesterday. But when I look at this picture, I can hardly believe that my beautiful sleeping baby ever existed.

Because today, he became a teenager. And he had a pizza party. And it was very very noisy. And quite boisterous.

A good time was had by all

With more fun scheduled for the weekend trip to London, where Jimmy gets to use his new wallet..

Which was a pig to make

But which has fast become a favourite possession (phew!)

So far, Kevin has not made an appearance ... we might be ok. Fingers crossed.


Dragonfly said...

How cool is that wallet?

Marmadaisy said...

Happy birthday Marmaladekiss jnr.
Cool wallet, I made Mr Marmadaisy a pair of trousers from the same Henry fabric. They're his favourites, too!

dottycookie said...

Brilliant wallet - and happy birthday Jimmy! Hope the trip to London is great fun.

Kathi D said...

Great-looking kid, er, young man! And the wallet rocks! Glad he liked it--who wouldn't? except that teenagers are notoriously hard to figure. Yes, I said teenagers. He is one now, you know.

jennyflower said...

That wallet is a miraculous creation....but then so is your boy!

Joleo said...

Nice wallet :) My first fabric love was Mr Henry.

Congrats to the youngest Marmalade too.

Kitty said...

It might have been a pig to make, but that is one superb wallet - no wonder he loves it!

I think Kevin the teenager is here for the time being. I can send him over if you'd like?!


Helen said...

Fab wallet - great stitchery! It looks really professional. Hope your boy had a lovely birthday, and hope you'll manage to avoid 'Kevin' altogether :D !

Garden Girl said...

Very cool. Please point out to your teenage son that he has far more money in his wallet than I do in mine!!x

Primrose Corner said...

Kevin turns up occasionally - thirteen year olds are still small at heart! (maybe?) We're coping just about!