Thursday, 18 September 2008

Today's Creativity...

I like this .. I want to make one. Calamity Kim will show you how if you have the time.

I want to go to Japan just for this shop where Joleo has been - the lucky lucky devil!

I am fascinated by these dolls over at Magic Bean. Ethel and Edna has a fascination with them too. (Oh and by the way - she has an important message to pass on). I don't know if I could make many, but I certainly have an idea or two for one. I like their voluptuous shape.

I discovered the "followers gadget" in my dashboard - see bottom right. I am amazed that I have two followers already!

I saw this at Aurea - a fascinatingly chic and beautiful blog - and thought of all you doggy bloggers out there ... (say that the other way round and it means something quite different!!)

I made a purse this afternoon using up some scraps from the shopper bag I made last week - or was it the week before?

And I used this for tea - stir fried with tofu. Oh my goodness. Any veggies out there who miss "crispy duck" - get this. It's a taste sensation!!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oooh! Ooh! Fab post Missus!! Thanks for the linkette - phone voting starts tomorrow but only lasts for the weekend (I think).
Thanks too for the link to Magic Bean. Never found her before. Aren't her dolls fab?!! Cue another hour or two lost reading her old posts.
And Hunky Dory is your current sound?... Guess what's in my car?... I love Queen Bitch sooo much but it HAS to be at full blast so noone else can hear me singing raucously out of tune :o).

dottycookie said...

You did make me laugh with this post - thank you!

And I must admit I felt slightly creeped out to find the 'followers' link on my dashboard - particularly when the first one I looked at is someone who has never commented on my blog ...

Gina said...

Thank you for the link to Calamity Kim - totally blew my mind away and now I want to make a paper dress form! Queen Bitch is one of my favourites too!

Kitty said...

I love that newspaper mannequin - gorgeous.

Just like E&E I'm a big Hunky Dory fan - when I was packing I found my old vinyl album - oh what joy on seeing it again!