Sunday, 12 October 2008

This is ... My Current Reading Material

I find it quite hard to keep up!

and this (as previously posted)

And i'm still trying to get to the end of this which was given to me last Christmas. It's by my favourite author, Barbara Kingsolver and is about a her family's year of seasonal eating. It includes lots of essays, facts, figures and recipes. It makes me angry. In a good way.

This book by the same author is probably my favourite book of all time. I adore the way this woman writes about her life, ideas, thoughts. I could never hope to be as eloquent.

This was my last haunting read. I've been to Havana twice. This book describes everything you know and feel is there, but can't see. Since reading this book, I can't quite decide whether I want to go back to have a closer look, or never ever go again! Which would be hard, because Havana is one of my very favourite places on earth.

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Kitty said...

Your Bloglines looks a lot like my Google Reader - it's sometimes hard to keep up with everyone isn't it? x

Gina said...

Exciting post - I'm a fan of Barbara Kingsolver's writing but haven't discovered either of these before and having visited Havana for the first time this February... and loved it, I'm going to have to read the Dirty Havana Trilogy too! I've started a Christmas list!

dottycookie said...

I love bloglines, but it can be rather tyrannical ... I have a fair few books on the go at the minute too. Our book club is making me more disciplined about finishing the ones I've started for the first time probably ever!

solsticedreamer said...

i havent heard of bloglines so will ow go and investigate!

dont remind me of my growing book pile please!!!

Lesley said...

I have just the same problem with Google Reader - avert your eyes for a moment and there are 500 posts waiting to be read!

I haven't read any of Barbara Kingslover's books so I'll have to remedy that. I could do with a few more books next to the armchair or by the bed...not!


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Oh, I have so much trouble keeping up with my blog reading. There are just so many fabulous blogs to visit!

The books look interesting, I'll have to check a few of them out.

Tracy said...

My Google Reader list is a lot like your list! I discovered last week I have 200 blogs on my list...I have to reduce...just can't keep up...LOL! Great reading list all in all here...Happy Reading ((HUGS))