Sunday, 14 December 2008

Preparing for the Main Event

It's been busy busy busy round here at Marmalade Towers. I think I might have inadvertantly been employed as one of Santa's elves, so busy have I been whipping up Xmas presents.

I have three sister-in-laws, 3 neices, and one nephew, and that's just the immediate family.

For the SiL who doesn't read this blog, some matching shopping bags

For Saintly SiL with four children, the beginnings of ..... a surprise

For next year (!!)

Because I haven't time to make any more this year, some soap, which i made 4 weeks ago and which is truly amazing stuff!

And tomorrow, I have my 10 minute moment!! I will carry all the lucks you have wished me, and keep you posted. Quake Quake ...


Kitty said...

Good luck for tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you. Your makes are - as ever - absolutely gorgeous. x

Miss T said...

I'll be thinking of you too....xxxx

Daisie said...

Shopping bags, have we all made these for our in-laws this year? I know I have, down with plastic :-(
Will be thinking of you tomorrow, fingers crossed (and anything else I can have crossed that doesn't interfere too much with child care!!)

Lorna said...

Courage and a post stiff gin!

Primrose Corner said...

I hope it goes well on Monday. I'll be thinking about you.

Love the bags - bright, cheery and very modern. Brilliant gift to encourage your family to give up the plastic.

Anonymous said...

good luck, thinking of you. Your makes are amazing. How do you make soap that looks a fab idea

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Good luck, and the soap looks beautiful i must look into how you make that!