Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Presents and Presence

The first of my hand-made presents for the year have been created.

This is bunting for Indigo who will be 2 on Sunday. Bunting isn't really my thing, but I am quite pleased with this. I used the rolled hem feature on my overlocker to neaten the edges, with green coloured thread 2, and white either side.

My eldest sister-in-law was 40 last week. She requested no presents, only from each member of the family, a photo which "makes you smile". So with photo transfer paper as an embellishment, I made her a little card holder and put some photos in it for her (hers is the one at the back). Then I made some more - a bus pass holder for Jimmy's friend, and a birthday present for another friend!

The overlocker also came in handy for these as they have very tiny seams! Tutorial to follow as soon as I've had a chance to write it up.


Kitty said...

Love that bunting! Green being one of my favourite hues. Those photo/card holders look very complicated! x

Moogsmum said...

Oh, I love that bunting! I can make it on the overlocker? Oooh - going to have to try that.

The photo holder looks cool. I'll be looking out for your tutorial.


jo said...

The photo holders are great. My mom was 60 a couple of weeks ago and could do with one of them to put her bus pass in. The buntings not bad too!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love your bunting, I need to make some for jamie's 11th birthday... I love the photo holders they are very clever... will wait patiently for the tutorial.... honest!

Jo Power said...

Love the bunting and its such bright and spring like colours. Thank you for the Bible pages which I recieved yesterday off to play and do a layout with today hopefully will put up a link to your blog if thats ok. Thank you very very much.

Billie Jane said...

The bunting is a brilliant idea! And something that can be kept and brought out for every birthday and special occasion... have you thought... one day the bunting could be used on Indigo's wedding day... wouldnt that be a lovely thing!