Saturday, 14 February 2009

Shine a Light!

This morning as I was basking in the warm morning sunshine, I sensed my first whiff of spring. The birds have started singing in the mornings and evenings, and there's that certain smell in the air which heralds a change in season. When an aeroplane passed overhead, painting it's crisp white jetstream on the perfectly blue sky, I just had to grab the camera. Such a difference to this time last week when all the white stuff was on the ground!

I've won a couple of awards too, the first from Julia at Primrose Corner and the second from Helen at Angharad Handmade. Thank you ladies for thinking of me and my blog and for your lovely comments and bloggy friendship! I find you both pretty inspiring too!

This one requires me to list 5 addictions. I think i've seen these awards on most of the blogs I read, so I will pass on passing it on if I may.

As someone with an addictive personality i'm an all or nothing sort of girl and generally have more addictions than you can shake a needle at. They are ever changing too, so here are my current 5 :

1) Booja Booja Chocolates - have you tried these yet? I received a box today, and one for my birthday last month, and one for Christmas, and Easter ... I could go on. Suffice to say, that if you haven't tried them, you are missing out on a whole lot of pleasure. What's more, they are organic, fair trade, vegan and gluten free. Good for everyone. Share the love that's what I say. Each box comes with a Boojagram. I have quite a collection of these!

2) Knitting. There has been a further spate of burned dinners and shoddy housekeeping at The House of Marmalade since I took up the needles and yarn. I'm loving my knitting habit, even though as yet, I haven't actually knitted anything - except squares. However, I can now knit a chequerboard design, a waffle design, and a stripe design. I even made my own pattern!

3) The internet. I get in a panic if I can't see my Mac within arms reach. I have quite an active mind, there's always something to look up, research, read or think about!

4) I'm with Helen on the tea addiction. My tea of choice is Yorkshire. Loose leaf. I make about 3 large pots a day (after I've had my 2 morning coffees). That's about 9 mugs. I think it started when I worked in the cafe last summer. My addiction to tea is so acute, that it has surpassed my taste for a gin and tonic in the evening. Luckily though, I am not quite as bad as Boy George yet because we all know what he forgoes for the sake of a cuppa!!!

5) As of today, I have a new favourite addiction which is 'gazing lovingly at, and stroking, my new desk light'. If I told you where it came from, I would have to kill you.

It is vintage, and was designed especially for it's purpose in a modern listed building. It is chrome and cream and has the most wonderful sliding mechanism allowing one to adjust it high or low, at an angle or not.

It's handy because a whole half of my sewing room has a glass roof, and therefore no lights in that section. When the daylight starts to fail, sewing is impossible with the little light available so this sits on the table in the dark half of the room.

The best thing about it, is that it looks even better at night!


mika said...

your blog and photos are so nice
you can visit me at:

Kitty said...

Ooh, can't wait to see your knitting - have you made a 'thing' yet?

Why does your traffic feed thingy say I'm in Salisbury? I'm nowhere near Salisbury :-O x

Anonymous said...

You have mentioned those chocolates once before. I really must seek them out and I will be on the look out for women with balloons!

Anonymous said...

i got Hotel chocolat dark choice. So ymmu. I find it difficult to get the dried chillies in supermarkets which is why i order them online. Also the corn tortillas for tosdados cannot be found, they do the horrid el paso ones which are just not the same. I was tempted to buy myself a tortilla press but had spent so much already, had to stop myself!! Their receipe on the site for chocolate and chilli ice cream is heavenly!!

Billie Jane said...

I noticed the birds going daft yesterday morning too and guessed that spring must have sprung... how do they know I wonder? xx

pebbledash said...

I might just have to kill you for your Bestlite...and some Booja chocs!
Just kidding!

Gina said...

I'm loving that lamp!

jo said...

Why is your sewing room so neat and tidy. Mine always looks like a tip.

Moogsmum said...

I've had a lovely spring-like weekend in the garden and the birdsong has been wonderful :-)

When are you going to show us your knitting? We need to see it!

Love your new lamp!...and your sewing room.....sigh...

silverpebble said...

Hello there just dropped by having seen you pop up on Gina's blog. Well, we're a loose leaf Yorkshire tea household too - we've just polishe off our second pot of the day! Your lamp is just lovely (I am a little green with envy) but never heard of those chocs - I shall have to investigate. Emma

Fabric and Bags said...

Love the lamp,it's so cool. I see you have an overlocker too - could I please have lessons? I was given an overlocker years ago and have no idea how to use it! How about a tutorial?
Anne x