Friday, 27 February 2009

A Special Place

This is a shelf for special things.

A miniscule selection from my vast stone collection! These are some of my favourites. Most of them came from Italy, worn silky smooth by the river which runs through the rocky Trebbia Valley where we have spent many happy days. They remind me of connection.

The wooden chalice belonged to my grandfather, and is Spanish as his father was. In the summer I put a glass of flowers in it. This is for my ancestors.

The disc of wood, I found. It has a horseshoe shape in the middle. It reminds me of how lucky we are.

The candle and holder is a gift from Mr Marmalade. The light of love.

The little pot was sent from Jennyflower who's father made it from a piece of Yew wood which has ancient and deep connection to the lore of the British Isles. It has long been revered for it's ancient protective powers, strength and longevity.

The doll came in a tin and was a mothers day gift from Jimmy a few years ago.

It has a little message tucked inside.


driftwood said...

what a lovely idea to have a special place, and what gorgeous things. xx

The Coffee Lady said...

how lovely! Mr Coffee has a stone collection but they are all really UGLY.

Please send him your sense of taste in an envelope, and when he is done with it I will send it right back.

Dragonfly said...

I can't resist stones either. And I have one of those dolls!
My stuff is spread around...maybe I should bring it altogether too...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh how sweet, such a cute note from J too ;-)


Tracy said...

A very lovely collection, Julia...I like how your have your favorite bits displayed, set aside speically this way. I love stones too...and I have a nice collection of gemstones too, which I love to pick up and look at when I pass by them. That little dollie from Jimmy is so cute. Happy weekend to you all :o) ((HUGS))

Gina said...

Lovely to see your special place for special things.

Jo Power said...

I love your special shelf what a brilliant idea. A friend of mine has something similar which is an old printers box and they put lots of little bits in there and it changes every so often as things get moved to make way for new things I think its fab.

Annie said...

Fab post. Love all your pretty things because they are pretty, but mostly I love the meanings behind them. A lovely mix of old and new. What a lovely, lovely idea.

I have a beautiful flat, smooth stone on my desk at work, which came from Brighton Beach and was given to me by a dear friend. It looks like nothing, but I treasure it. Funny how it's the things which are not valuable money wise which are the things that mean the most to us. There's a lesson there somewhere!

Taz said...

I have a heart rock collection and can't wait for spring to well spring so that me and the smalls can restart our hunts for them.
A beautiful shelf with such wonderful meaning and memories.

Moogsmum said...

What a lovely collection - I love the little doll Jimmy gave you :-)

Minx loves collecting semi-precious stones. I've promised her a shelf when her bedroom is redecorated (and this includes another ceiling refit - ack!!).


Indigo Blue said...

Cute Momiji Doll! I have a collection of shells. Holidays, hooneymoon etc all in a tall round glass vase. Memories can in all shapes and sizes don't they. Are you working on any garments at the moment?

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

oh lovely!
i am a stone 'collector' too~certain ones speak to me and i have them scattered all over the house in small cains or placed singly. i wonder why they call to us?

silverpebble said...

I love your special shrine to precious pebbles and stones. I have several round the house. The thought that they have been shaped by years in the sea or a river makes them as special to me as an old enamel coffee pot or a vintage textile - they have history of a different kind and it's a pleasure to hold them isn't it?

Love the colours of some of your pebbly treasure - precious indeed!